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  1. we should be looking into adjusting the size of dunes instead of raising houses to see over them, since they are so overly done. It is extremely difficult to get on and off the beach with them at this height.

  2. With some houses not  raised , some raised 4 feet , now if you let them raise  additional 4 feet the place will look like a joke . Do not amend Rule 5C maybe all you need to do is lower the dune 3-4 feet .

  3. The rule was made for a reason. This is a self serving change for the wrong reason.

  4. This shouldn't even be discussed until at least a year has passed and we have a better understanding of what the longterm effects of the new dunes will be.

  5. Decks for houses on the water, or a lagoon, the set back should also be amended to read 5 feet instead of 10 feet from the bulkhead, without having to obtain a variance

  6. YOU would not allow us to go higher in the first place! You should have listen then...now you live with it! We fought tooth and nail just to get the 4 feet! Once you have your piles driven you cannot go higher. Thanks for nothing! Not only that these house will then cast a shadow on the beach! I want sun not shadow!

  7. A rule change for the few ocean front.  Absolutely not

  8. As a owner of 2 homes we are appalled that the landscape continues to be changed from the quaint town it was when we purchased. This is OB3 not OB1.  

  9. The Board of Trustee at the time of the development of rule 5C had to argue with the developer for an additional 2 feet of freeboard to give us the current 4’ of freeboard.  Mr. McDonough should have had the vision to give all members the option to go an additional 6-8 feet.  The homes that were impacted by the storm and have already rebuilt to the current 5C standard will be penalized for following the rules should this amendment pass.

  10. I was on an Ocean front deck and can see the ocean just fine. They will no longer have umbrellas & people blocking their view. The trees on the Bay side block the view for residents, drivers and pedestrians. Keep OB3 from looking like OB1 and Chadwick.

  11. While height elevations were restricted to keep a uniform look in the community it is obvious after seeing elevated homes rebuilt, the beauty of the community remains and is in fact improved.


  13. Absolutely do NOT amend rule 5C.  There is no data to back up the claim that homes will lose value. Stop trying to appease a few and think of general membership. If you decide to amend rule 5c, you will be opening the flood gates for future selfish requests.

  14. This wouldn't even be an issue if it wasn't submitted by John McDonough.   Maybe I should be permitted to raise mine to  height of 7 stories so I can see ocean .

  15. Mr.  mcDoughna only only allows changes that benefit him.

  16. Go on a deck of a house on the ocean front, you can still see the ocean Just fine 100%  But you can’t see people on the beach.  I love the privacy now afforded to me while sitting on the beach. So two houses would go up higher and then be subject to wind and wind gusts.  Kind of defeats the reason for the Dunes.  Also no survey or statistics are available to indicate loss of income. 

  17. how would this additional 4ft be obtained on houses already raised?

  18. Don’t like all or nothing approach to question. OK raising first and second blocks only -is there some middle ground (extra 2 feet) that works. Been on decks of 1st block and can still see the water. 2nd row can do rooftop decks. I would vehemently oppose the extra footage across the entire community and I have a middle block house. It’s not needed and would take away from some of the beauty of OB3 -would look more like Chadwick which we avoided buying in 8 years ago.

  19. This is truly unfair.

  20. I live on the boat basin.  How come I can't have a deck on my roof to see the views of the open bay.  How come I couldn't extend my deck 5 years ago off of my landing to see the views of the bay, yet you changed the rules 3 years later.  No one should get special treatment in this club...  as I have been told.... "the rules are the rules" and if don't like it I should move. 

  21. The layout and appeal of the community is already impacted by the heights of homes. Having the homes within few blocks before the ocean changes it even more.  Sadly, the look has changed already. Don't change it more.

  22. Only amend for beach front property.

  23. if the beach area can raise, so can everyone else

  24. We believe the rule should be ocean front only. If the rules are changed otherwise then property owners will try to amend rules again to add a level to the cottages and the unit will look like Chadwick. A MESS.

  25. I have 2 homes in OB#3 and closing on a 3rd next month. If you change the rule for a few, it should apply to ALL.

  26. Would have to know safety of extending  piling

  27. They are ocean front houses not ocean view houses.

  28. Shouldn't this read "do not amend" Rule 5C?

  29. Our homes in the community are a substantial investment and ocean front homeowners should be allowed to see the ocean.  However,  it is only fair to the rest of the community that they be afforded the same privileges.  A higher home in our community will have more value due to the added safety and space it provides. To allow only a certain portion of the community that benefit would be an injustice.  Sincerely, Arthur Simonson

  30. I feel everyone should have the opportunity not just first 3 rows. Thank u

  31. I oppose the proposed amendment

  32. Sorry about your loss of a view ,what about all the people that just rebuilt and were denied, absolutely not ,!!! Us included on being denied.. can't change the rules after half the people rebuilt..

  33. IT should not be changed , here we go again . We had enough trouble in the past with special privileged ocean front homes !!! Those on the board who own and that will benefit by the change in the rules should EXCUSE themselves from the discussions . No exceptions should be made . Lets not take a step back to the " good old days with the good old boys rules " It cost the club members a fortune to fix it , lets not start again . john arout

  34. Rule should be for everybody.  Many in the ocean or middle blook where prohibited from raising sufficiently to make usable space under their house.  Why should special treatment be just given to the first three rows?  What is fair for a few should be fair for all. 

  35. The raising of homes was to ensure against flooding it is not to ensure a view if you change the rule and something changes or they end up in the future increasing the hieght of the dune then are you going to go back again and amend the rule to go even higher it already is ruined the area with all the different hieghts in the name of flooding ,but to make even more differences in the excuse of a view is wrong

  36. If the board were to amend the rule than it should apply to the entire community. What is good for one should be good for all. Otherwise it should remain the same.

  37. If you allow the near-ocean houses to be raised then all should be allowed

  38. All of the owners who spent thousands of $$$ to conform to the current rule, would have loved to have built higher...  Now the rules change and they take the hit?!!  Ridiculous!!  Who wouldn't want to have more space under their house?  Why not change more rules and allow everyone to park under their houses!  It's a slippery slope!

  39. The uniformity that used to be, and mostly still is, is one of the things that make OBIII special. The race to the sky is making this community less attractive as time goes on - more and more is becoming a jumble of differeng heights snd designs.

  40. This only benefits the people on the ocean.  I can't see the beach from my house either.  The club wouldn't let me raise my house 4'-0" for safety/flooding reasons, about 12 years ago.

  41. If everyone keeps doing whatever they want we will have another Chadwick.

  42. I hold no grudges. Moving forward let people do what they need to do.

  43. What about construction that takes away people’s view of the boat basin. There is a monstrosity being developed beyond the footprint of the structure on west sandpiper.

  44. I understand that the ocean front lost their view but three streets back didn’t. It’s only fair to the whole community to allow the additional 4 feet. This should be brought to a vote for the whole membership, not just the board as it effects the whole community! Thank you!

  45. I remember when no cars were to put under elevated houses

  46. Would consider if its deemed the extra 4 feet is more a means of added flood protection based on experts outside board which should then be adjusted for all. This would be something as noted with sea levels rising within the future years. This should be the bases not a view, you will have everyone then trying to determine what is meant by a "view".

  47. Can not discriminate. Limiting to first 3 rows does not serve the entire community. It should be for no one or for everyone.

  48. The Zones do not make any sense.    Elevate to make your house save. 

  49. If you increase the additional 4 ft you should change the 15 ft to allow more storage and better access to utility

  50. I wanted to go higher to give me more space under my house I was told no, rules can’t be changed for a few

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