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  2. Everyone has known the Army Corps of Engineers' plan for the dunes, including the dimensions.  Those who have raised and rebuilt their homes already have done so abiding by the current rule.  Changing it now is another example of accommodating a select few. 

  3. Do not allow for this change.  Eventually, the dunes will shrink over time due to gravity, snow, wind and people will adjust.  Do not change the rule.

  4. I agree if all the homes on the beach front agree to raise their homes. Our ocean front will look ridiculous if only a few houses are raised. They will be like pillars in the sky

  5. This should have been allowed by our association when everyone was rebuilding.  We all had to adhere to all the rules then and should continue now.  It's not fair to ppl who rebuilt and elevated and could have done this when they rebuilt and now it would be an added expense.

  6. Vote NO. Rules are rules and apply to all. Unfair to those who already built & asked to go higher & were denied. If I wanted an effective 2 story community I would have bought in Chadwick. This is an end run around Deed Restrictions. Change OB3 for safety reasons only not for this. If you feel you must compromise because this is being led by John then ocean front only. Under no circumstances change the character of the entire community because a few can’t see the beach.

  7. how about power right away?

  8. Absolutely not.  Beach front properties have already violated setbacks.  The rule states ALL.  No exceptions.  Where do you draw the line?   We vote NO

  9. We feel the rule to not be able to add a second floor even though the elevation with the second story may be  not a high as home with higher elevation  makes no sense at all

  10. Did the 2nd two rows  off the beach have an ocean view before the new dunes?  If not, then they should not be elevated.  I would vote yes on the beachfront propert only.

  11. This proposed amendment should be voted down by the board. It is absolutely unfair to change this rule for a subset of the community. Even if it was amended for all - that's a slap in the face to homeowners who rebuilt to code and OB rules after Sandy. I hope the board does not cave to pressure from certain homeowners. I purchased in OB3 because of these rules and I will do everything I can to preserve the unique atmosphere of Ocean Beach.

  12. no changes to the height requirement.  keep what's unique about OB3 and do not try to become chadwick with everyone one in each others shadows.  Some of us are still bitter over the lowering of the BFE and the Board reversal 4 years later.  Let the community come together rather than create another divisive issue.

  13. I would like the club to do a study on what it  would take to lower the dune.I can not imagine what the cottages would look like twelve to fifteen feet high!!!!!! Lower the dune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. And change the rule on dog walking, put up poop bag holders.  Most places in the world are pet friendly.  Let’s get with the times.  Please don’t tell me dogs make a mess when I’ve seen humans at Ocean Beach do worse.

  15. OB3 rules seem to vary based on where in the community your home is. The bayside (OB4) has rules that apply only to them. The heart of the community, the middle blocks, never get any special consideration.

  16. For most people this is their happy place. They have worked very hard to get here and dreamed about it most of their lives. So, whatever the reason is,  wether it's to maintain a beautiful view or have a little less worry when the next storm comes, let people be happy in their happy place.

  17. I would like to know, if the dunes are considered to be permanent in high? erosion being a substantial factor these days. If not, is it something that we have to maintain on a yearly bases?or is this maintained by Toms River township? I believe that rules should apply to all as a whole. We are considered to be one and governed by one body. If a change is made it should apply to all, NOT a specific group or row of homes. Regards, Ken Arango

  18. Amend for the first row only. It doesn't really effect behind the first row of houses.

  19. It’s too early to begin this effort. Dunegrass wiil be planted, etc. Wait for now. Possibly allow the ext 4 feet for “new construction” only for now.

  20. By allowing an additional 4 ft. of elevation to the entire community will be an asset to these homes.  Extra storage space, parking, etc. will add value to the homes.  I hope people vote in this favor.

  21. We should be able to raise our houses so that the space under the house is usable not as living space but should allow at least 8 feet of height with room for plumbing and a flat ceiling. We should consider a total house height where if you are under 15 feet to the ridge beam (most original houses) that you should be able to use the footage for the lower area.

  22. The first 3 rows are situated upon a natural dune 14' elevation, above floods, and then the prior Board approved +4bfe to them for uniformity in Club codes with all lower lots.   If the current board approves +8, then it should be applied to ALL OB3 lots going forward!  Not that I'm for such change, see Chadwick for visual impacts of height with same narrow roads. There is no loss of value due to restricted view, the govt just protected your property from the rising sea!

  23. If you give an inch they will ask for a mile next!

  24. The houses are already high enough.  The community is losing it's charm, as the heights of the houses increase.

  25. I see no problem with elevation of the homes. We are all there to enjoy and be happy at the beach. The folks that are beachfront especially. They purchased the property for the view and it was just taken away from them.

  26. Also provides for more under house shaded activity

  27. NO, NO, NO   These are on Leased Land, only the McDonough family will benefit.

  28. Our primary objection to this amendment is allowing the few to build their homes higher to their benefit while adversely impacting the many by having significantly higher homes thus blocking sky and air space.   

  29. We don’t Want to look like Chadwick Beach or others. This is why we purchased in OB3 & our home is among the first 3 rows. Not fair for people who already raised to the allowed height. I can’t believe this is even  being discussed !!

  30. Many of the new houses are being built well above their ABFE's. It seems each new one is built higher than neighboring houses. If the owners of the first three rows of houses want longer staircases, it makes sense to allow it. If I had a beachfront home, I'd want to see the water, too.

  31. What is everyone wanted to raise their home for a better view. The way the community looks now with all the different heights is a mouth with bad teeth

  32. History: Many of us argued changed circumstance for many rules when re building and were fought by the club, the club attorney and developer. We built to the specifications that didn’t give us the best value of our homes and now that the developer would like to raise his homes, the rules should change so he can be higher and more valued than all else? What happened to community scheme? I guess that’s changed too now?  This will be challenged in court most definitely.  

  33. OBIII already looks like a crazy quilt with all the different heights.  This rule will only make it worse.   Also, all those ocean front homes are already so high that they can't be used by people in wheelchairs or who are otherwise disabled.  This will only preclude them from access to additional OBIII homes. 

  34. When does the nonsense end, if we amend this rule now what happens in the future when something else unforeseen happens, amend it again.

  35. We do not want Rule 5C changed - afraid precedent could be set and we feel the dunes are for the good of the whole community.  Thank You

  36. There has been no discussion that I have seen, about being able to keep the dunes at the as-built height.  Without this ability, the dunes will grow over time, leading to the same situation at a later date.  The additional height will also require a longer staircase to get into the house taking up additional driveway or patio space.

  37. If homes are raised it will negatively impact the view of the remaining properties. I do not want to be penalized for the convenience of  others. I purchased a bungalow in OB3 because I did not want the uncontrolled vertical environment typical of Chadwick.

  38. We bought and live in OB3 for a reason -  the history, charm and uniformity of houses.   I think the association has done a wonderful job managing this, while updating the safety and design, but we shouldn't do anything else.   We don't want to be Chadwick!

  39. I thought originally we were talking only about the oceanfront homes.  Not sure how much the third row back could see before the dunes.

  40. The time to have done this was when people were raising their houses. This would have been included in the original cost by Fema. This would now include an additional cost for those who already raised their houses. This should include every one and will make us look like any community

  41. absolutely no

  42. I feel that it would be a safety factor to raise these homes another 4 feet.  It would be very unfair to the rest of the community. It would be a disappointment for those who have raised and could have used the extra 4 feet of head room under their homes.  

  43. Please try to not change rule 5C as I feel this will cause other individules or groups to insist there request is also necessary. No proof of this all speculation at this point.

  44. I would vote for the first row only to be raised if that was an option. Thank You,

  45. We heard about this back in October and several houses on Seaview are already being raised. How did that happen? Apparently, someone must have given them permission. This is how problems start. If your going change the rule it should be the same for everyone.

  46. Would support an amendment for ocean front only

  47. Actually we agree with none of the choices above.  Don't understand why the third row needs this amendment.  Also seems no matter what not everyone will always be happy.  The dunes will take a great deal to get used to and they don't effect just the houses directly on the beach.  All members are effected. 

  48. And allow addition bedrooms/ living space.  Our view on the bay is also obstructed by the giant houses on Chadwick Island and I’m sure the houses that border Chadwick beach have obstructed views by their 3 story houses as well.  It is time to allow Ocean beach to start building as other communities are to keep our property values in line with the rest of the barrier island

  49. don't want OB to turn in to Chadwick.....the current up and down is bad enough and already changing the look of OB

  50. If you let the Oceanfront properties do it ..the rest of the community will go before you to raise their homes also  trust me ...NO NO NO NO    these people just want everything selfish.......Never let anyone in the community go up that high   they just want to change Ocean Beach 3 selfish....

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