Fellow Members

 July 4th is almost here, and we hope that you will all join us on the 4th at 9:30 am on the beach to honor America and the freedom we enjoy. Check the weekly social calendar for events & times.

On Sunday morning, July 1st the Ocean Beach Fire Dept is having a pancake breakfast at their firehouse on Kittywake. Please support them and enjoy a good breakfast.

Speaking of events, our Fundraising group is planning an event almost every Wednesday. Coming soon, the first Ocean Beach Annual Poker Run, details to follow. Last night there was Pirate Bingo at the “old” Clubhouse, a huge turnout! This Friday, Karaoke night.

While June 15th was the deadline for construction to end, some continue to push construction in violation of Club rules. We are addressing, so do not feel your calls have fallen on deaf ears.

With an increase in guests and members over the next few weeks we ask that everyone be a little more considerate. Park in designated areas and try not to occupy more than the allotted space. Don’t walk your pet on any beach no matter what time of day. Use trash cans, not the beach or waters. Don’t travel over the bay beach net. Please obey directions of security and lifeguards.

There are no further updates at this time to the Beach Replenishment Plan. For those of you who are unaware, we are not installing the showers or additional Mobi (handicap) mats until the beach work is completed. If you’d like to see what we can expect, check out Deauville Beach, north of Normandy Beach.

The paved lagoon streets were repaved without issue. Unfortunately the cost of asphalt increased $5,000 from what was originally quoted, but still significantly lower than other bids. We did not proceed with paving the previously unpaved Heron Lane, as engineering review of the grade revealed that we would have had to excavate material to maintain grade and not enhance the risk of flooding on that street. We’ll re-evaluate, if necessary that part of the special assessment will be rescinded. Keep you posted.

Again those on the sand roads, you’re not forgotten. We have had good results with the new road rake and roller, grooming the roads. We are exploring other options to resolve the drainage issues on east Pelican, etc, but have not abandoned plans to install new drains. We’re continuing to seek the least cost option to the Club and keep you updated.

Be sure to visit the OB3 office where we are selling OB3 merchandise…t shirts, cutting boards, mugs, tide clocks to name a few. While you are there, take a chance on our weekly basket. This week we have a beautiful planter donated by Globetrotters of Point Pleasant. Drawing takes place on Friday at noon. Winner need not be present to win.

Our July Board of Trustees meeting is Friday July 6th 8 pm at the Clubhouse. All are welcome. There’s an open period for member comments at the end of each Board meeting.

Enjoy the 4th and be safe.

Ken Levine




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