The beach opens on Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Please observe the following rules during your stay

  • Everyone is required to wear a guest badge when using any of the Club's facilities, especially the ocean and bay beaches.

  • Children participating in summer activities at the clubhouse must wear a badge.

  • The cost of weekly/daily renter badges is as follows: 
       $125 for 8
       $155 for a 5 bedroom house (12 badges)
       $175 for a 6 bedroom house (14 badges)
       (Labor Day week is $35 off the above rates)
       $15 for Daily Wristband

  • Weekly badges may be purchase at the Ocean Beach and Bay Club Office, 101 Sea Way, Lavallette, NJ 08735 during office hours.  Daily Wristbands may be purchased from the Badge Checkers.


  • Keep off the dunes. State and Township fines apply.

  • Weather permitting, the ocean and bay beaches are open daily while lifeguards are on duty.

  • Wait until 8 am to place chairs and umbrellas on the beach.

  • Swimming is prohibited whenever the beach is closed and lifeguards are not present.

  • Kite flying, ball playing, and boat launching are prohibited during swimming hours.

  • Boogie boards, rafts, surfboards and fishing are permitted in designated areas only.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beach at all times. All non-alcoholic beverages must be in plastic bottles. Glass containers are not allowed on the beaches.

  • Food and coolers are not permitted on the beaches at any time.

  • No smoking on any beach at any time.

  • Please use the trash receptacles to dispose of your debris.

  • Open flames/fires are not permitted on beaches or elsewhere in the community.

  • No tents or canopies; only umbrellas.

  • No kayak launching over the bay net.  A kayak launching site is available to renters at $10/week and kayak storage at $50/week if available.  Visit the Kayak Launch page for details.


  • There is no parking on Club Roads.

  • Overnight parking is not permitted at the clubhouse. Vehicles will be towed.

  • Speed limit is 10 miles per hour on all Club roads.

  • Ball playing is prohibited on Club roads.

  • Pet walking is prohibited on the beaches and Club roads.

  • Mopeds, mini-bikes, and dune buggies are not allowed on Club roads or beaches. 

  • No commercial or personal signs are allowed.  Flags are acceptable.


  • Please take note of the town’s waste collection schedule.

  • All garbage must be placed in plastic trash bags inside a can with a secure lid.  This prevents seagulls from tearing through plastic bags and spreading debris which will help keep the community clean.

  • All recycling materials must be separated from the trash. 


Emergencies: 911

Toms River Police: 732-349-0150

Toms River Fire: 732-349-2285

Ocean Beach Patrol: 908-783-8328

Ocean Beach Office: 732-793-3798

We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your visit to Ocean Beach & Bay Club!

Come back and see us again.