2021 Meeting Schedule

   Special Meeting - New Clubhouse - Saturday, May 29 @ 9am via Zoom

   Semiannual Meeting - Saturday, June 5 @ 9am via Zoom  

   Annual Meeting - Saturday, October 30 - Location TBD

2021 Board Meetings - The Board of Trustees typically meets the second Friday of every month. This is subject to change, so check back often.

     Friday, January 8, 8 PM - Meeting Minutes

     Friday, February 12, 8 PM - Meeting Minutes

     Friday, March 12, 8 PM - Meeting Minutes

     Friday, April 9, 8 PM - Meeting Minutes

     Friday, May 14, 8 PM

     Friday, June 11 8 PM

     Friday, July 9, 8 PM

     Friday, August 13, 8 PM

     Friday, September 10, 8 PM

     Friday, October 8, 8 PM

     Friday, November 12, 8 PM

     Friday, December 10, 8 PM

Please go to Meeting Minutes Archives for minutes from 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 meetings.




Blue Book - 2018 Edition, includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Deed Restrictions

  • By-Laws

  • Rules


Please complete and send these forms to the Club Office.

Minor construction - Use this application for all exterior alternations such as new windows, siding, doors, bulkheads, fences, demolition etc.

Major construction - Use this application for Construction that requires review by our Professional Planner, including but not limited to House Raising & New Construction. Includes a description of the process.

Road Opening Permit Application - Ocean Beach and Bay Club (OBBC) requires a permit for any work involving vehicles over 26,000 Gross Pounds traveling on its paved roads, or work involving excavating any road within OBBC. Complete and return with your major construction application.

Holds Harmlesscomplete and return with your major construction application

JCP&L Guidelines -  on New Construction or Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone.

Hardship Exemption -  A Hardship is not an extension.  A Hardship is a Hardship.

Please complete and return the Hardship Application. Your submission is complete when the Club receives the following:

  1. Completed Application

  2. 4 point pictures of your house and lot

  3. $200 Escrow fee