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2020 Meeting Schedule

    Coming Soon       


2020 Board Meetings - The Board of Trustees typically meets the second Friday of every month. This is subject to change, so check back here as needed.

     Friday, January 24, 8 PM - Club Office 

     Friday, February 14, 8 PM- Club Office 

     Friday, March 13, 8 PM - Club House 

     Friday, April 10, 8 PM - Club Office

     Friday, May 8, 8 PM - Club Office

     Friday, June 12, 8 PM - Club Office 

     Friday, July 10, 8 PM - Club Office 

     Friday, August 14, 8 PM - Club Office 

     Friday, September 11, 8 PM - Club Office

     Friday, October 9, 8 PM - Club Office

     Friday, November 13, 8 PM - Club Office

     Friday, December 11, 8 PM - Club Office


Meeting Minutes​



Blue Book - 2018 Edition, includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Deed Restrictions

  • By-Laws

  • Rules


Please complete and send these forms to the Club Office.

Major construction - the document is 4-pages long and includes a description of the process and a Building Application

JCP&L Guidelines on New Construction or Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone
Road Opening Permit Application - Ocean Beach and Bay Club (OBBC) requires a permit for any work involving vehicles over 26,000 Gross Pounds traveling on its paved roads, or work involving excavating any road within OBBC. 

Minor construction - use for exterior alternations such as new windows, siding, door, fence, etc.

Holds Harmlesscomplete and return with your application

Hardship Exemption

A Hardship is not an extension.  A Hardship is a Hardship.

Please complete and return the attached Hardship Application

Your submission is complete when the Club receives the following:

  1. Completed Application

  2. 4 point pictures of your house and lot

  3. $200 Escrow fee


Members in good standing may request a slip in the Boat Basin. The cost for a Boat Basin slip for 2019 is $100. Please submit the following forms to the Club Office:

  • Signed Rental Agreement

  • Copy of your boat registration

  • Copy of proof of insurance for $500,000


Members in good standing may request club documents.

  • Please send a written request to the club office and describe the requested documents.

  • The club will respond in 10 days or less to your request.

  • The fee for documents is $1.00 per page.  If you would like to know the total fee prior to the club preparing the document, please include that in your initial written request.

  • Requests for personnel matters, litigation matters, or topics considered advisory, consultative, or deliberative require authorization from the Board of Trustees and therefore may require more time to obtain necessary approvals.


Toms River Links

     Toms  River Garbage & Recycling

     Building Department



     Tax Collector

     Tax Assessor

Important Phone Numbers

     Toms River Police: 732-349-0150

     Toms River Fire: 732-793-7601

     In case of emergency, dial 911

     Ocean Beach Patrol: 908-783-8328

     Ocean Beach Office: 732-793-3798

Member Registration

Employment Application

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

State Highway Maintenance Issues


How to Vote by Mail/Email

Ballots and sufficient information & explanations will be available on the OB website prior to physical meeting whether Annual, Semi-Annual, or Special.

Members will be able to print ballot and mail to OB office.  Outside of envelope must have your OB address as return in upper left corner AND the word Ballot on the lower left hand corner.  These envelopes will be brought unopened to the physical meeting and added to ballot boxes.  Before meeting Office staff will check ballot received on the sign in sheet so that members who vote via mail and also come to meeting will not receive a second ballot.  Ballots must be received by 3 pm the day prior to meeting.  In order to discourage voter fraud we ask you, the member to validate your mail in vote by sending a confirming e-mail to the Club office that you have utilized U.S. Mail for your voting method of preference.

Members who wish to vote via E-mail will be required to send scanned ballot showing their OB address and e-mail address on file at the OB office.  These ballots must be received by 3 pm the day prior to meeting and will be deposited into the ballot boxes at meeting.  Office staff will also check ballot received on sign in sheet to avoid issuing a second ballot to those that vote via e-mail and also come to meeting.

For those concerned about voting privacy we recommend utilizing U.S. mail as envelopes will not be matched up with ballots once opened.

2019 Annual Meeting Ballot 

Did you know that almost half of our Membership now uses Online Voting? If you have never received an email invitation to vote online, just send an email to asking to be added to the online voting list. Provide your name, OB3 house address, and ONE email address and you will be registered for all future voting.