• Wear a beach badge

  • Obey the lifeguards and badge checkers

  • Maintain social distancing guidelines of at least 6’ from non-family/household members including OB3 staff

  • Swim, surf and fish in designated areas

  • Swim when lifeguards are on duty – 9 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Enjoy non-alcoholic beverages in unbreakable plastic or metal containers

  • Keep off the dunes

  • Show consideration, respect and courtesy to others on the beach including lifeguards and badge checkers

  • Wait until 8 am to place chairs and umbrellas on the beach

  • Leave your pets at home

  • Place garbage in trash receptacles

  • Remember your sunscreen, beach chair, hat and towel

Please remember:

  • No ball playing before 5:30 PM

  • No coolers, alcohol, glass containers or food

  • No smoking

  • No bike parking on walkways and mobi-mats



Toms River Links

     Toms  River Garbage & Recycling:


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     Building Department



     Tax Collector

     Tax Assessor

Important Phone Numbers

     Toms River Police: 732-349-0150

     Toms River Fire: 732-793-7601

     In case of emergency, dial 911

     Ocean Beach Patrol: 908-783-8328

     Ocean Beach Office: 732-793-3798

Member Registration

Employment Application

Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Request Club Documents

State Highway Maintenance Issues



Parking lots are located at:

  • Route 35 South & Swordfish

  • Route 35 South & Amberjack

  • Route 35 North between Albacore & Plover

  • Route 35 South at the Clubhouse - No overnight parking at this lot

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Members in good standing may request a slip in the Boat Basin for one season.  The cost for a slip for the 2021 season is $100.00 payable to Ocean Beach & Bay Club. Review and complete the rental agreement and submit with payment to Ocean Beach & Bay Club.

Submit along with rental agreement and payment:

  • Proof of insurance in the amount of $500,000

  • Copy of boat or Jet Ski registration

  • Copy of NJ issued boat or Jet Ski number

Once approved, you will receive an Ocean Beach & Bay Club tag/decal which must be placed on your boat or Jet Ski.

Due to changes in the water level of the boat basin it is important to recognize the height required for your water craft to navigate through the tunnel. You need to be aware that this can change very quickly from when you exit and reenter. It is recommended that you use minimal or no power while going through the tunnel. 

Also when launching your water craft from the boat ramp it is easier at high tide. Please lock the gate when you are done.

All boats and Jet Skis must be removed from the boat basin by November 1 of each season. 



A new kayak, paddleboard and canoe launch area was recommended by a team of Ocean Beach & Bay Club members in June 2020.  As a result the launch area was officially established in August of 2020. The new launch area is located directly off the bay beach, adjacent to the boardwalk and behind the club house. This launch is for Ocean Beach & Bay Club members only, who are in good standing, and can be used year round.

The team is also working to design and build storage racks for the 2021 season. They will be available to all Ocean Beach & Bay Club members at a cost of $50 for the season.  These storage racks will be booked on a first-come, first serve basis.  We are looking at 32-36 storage racks for the 2021 season. 

The maintenance team also installed 2 rinse stations on the bay beach in the summer of 2020. This allows members to hose off the saltwater before storing your kayak.

Permits will be required to launch from this site. This will ensure that all users are Ocean Beach & Bay Club members or renters.  If you secure a storage rack your permit is included.  If you do not secure a storage rack you will need to pay $10 for the permit for the season if you are a member.  If you know an Ocean Beach & Bay Club renter that wishes to use the kayak launch site there will be a cost of $10 per week to use the launch site. 

Kayak FAQ's

Submit completed forms to Club Office



How to Vote by Mail/Email

Ballots and sufficient information & explanations will be available on the OB website prior to physical meeting whether Annual, Semi-Annual, or Special.

Members will be able to print ballot and mail to OB office.  Outside of envelope must have your OB address as return in upper left corner AND the word Ballot on the lower left hand corner.  These envelopes will be brought unopened to the physical meeting and added to ballot boxes.  Before meeting Office staff will check ballot received on the sign in sheet so that members who vote via mail and also come to meeting will not receive a second ballot.  Ballots must be received by 3 pm the day prior to meeting.  In order to discourage voter fraud we ask you, the member to validate your mail in vote by sending a confirming e-mail to the Club office that you have utilized U.S. Mail for your voting method of preference.

Members who wish to vote via E-mail will be required to send scanned ballot showing their OB address and e-mail address on file at the OB office.  These ballots must be received by 3 pm the day prior to meeting and will be deposited into the ballot boxes at meeting.  Office staff will also check ballot received on sign in sheet to avoid issuing a second ballot to those that vote via e-mail and also come to meeting.

For those concerned about voting privacy we recommend utilizing U.S. mail as envelopes will not be matched up with ballots once opened.

Did you know that almost half of our Membership now uses Online Voting? If you have never received an email invitation to vote online, just send an email to vote@oceanbeach3.org asking to be added to the online voting list. Provide your name, OB3 house address, and ONE email address and you will be registered for all future voting.