April 6, 2018

First as the Chair of the Fundraising Committee, I want to thank everyone who participated in this survey. The purpose of this survey was to get a sense of the Membership regarding fundraising as an effort to offset costs in order to make improvements to the Bay Recreational area of OB3.

The survey was sent out to members on January 22nd, and again on February 9th. It was also available in the Club office.  36 members or approximately 3.6% of the membership participated. 

You will notice that 100% response rate was not achieved for all questions. The reason is that some respondents did not complete the 5 question survey, but instead wrote comments.  Those comments will appear at the end of the survey results.

How often do you visit the Clubhouse and Bay Beach recreational area?

Frequently           23%

Sometimes          50%

Never                  26%

Does the Clubhouse and Bay Beach area meet your needs?

Yes                         29%

No                          54%

No response           11%

Not applicable        2 %

Would you be willing to participate in a fundraising project designed to improve the recreation area?

Yes                         76%

No                          23%

 If improvements were made to the Bay Beach playground, would you be more likely to visit the area?

Yes                         57%

No                          39%

No response            3 %

A fundraising committee was formed to explore ways of improving our community.  Would you be willing to participate in fundraising endeavors such as a 50/50 raffle?

Yes                         82%

No                          11%

Not sure                 6%

Please read your neighbor’s comments, they have not been edited except for names to provide anonymity.

I use the beach more than the bay club.  However, my grandchildren love to use the playground, they love movie night and arts and crafts during the day.  I don’t know if it would be possible but I would love to see hamburgers and hotdogs cooked and sold.  It would also be nice to have some carts at the beach selling the same along with sandwiches.  I am sure with health regulations it would be impossible but nice idea.  I am sure it would also cause a trash problem.  I think a 50/50 would be great.  It would be easy.  I also love the shirts.

Hi!  Since I don’t have small children, the playground is not of use to me, but I would love it if we would expand that area to include adult recreation, eg, tennis, volleyball, back ball, etc.

Haven’t taken advantage of either.  Guess I would if I had reason to do so (This is in reference to question #2).

Now that homes are raised, I would request that any improvements to the playground stay below height of exterior fence so as not to obstruct bay views.

Better basketball courts.

Great Board and office manager (thank you)

Because of limited hours it has been open (reference question #1).  Not currently but going back about 5 years it did greatly (reference question #2).  Only because my youngest is 12 and doesn’t play in playgrounds any longer (reference question #4).  I would do anything to get our Clubhouse to be open into the evening hours such as 9 p.m.  the “old” clubhouse was the reason we bought in OBIII.  My oldest son made lifelong friends due to the time spent there and the activities that used to be run there.  I would be willing to volunteer my time to help open it up again.

Hi!  I went to look at the survey and noticed it is a PDF.  There are some free online tools that help you conduct surveys online and organize responses like Survey Monkey.  If you need help with this, I am happy to lend a hand.  I think it would be more efficient and it would save time for those people taking the survey.  (Reference question #1) sometimes but it’s usually my wife and son.  (Reference question #2) my wife and son really like the playground just over the Mantoloking Bridge.  That is a great model for what a rec area could be.  One other thing to add…we really like the arts and crafts events during the summer.  We typically go with our neighbors.

Hiya, I am not able to complete the survey in the last blast, but since I live right there on the (anonymity), I can tell you the following.  Basically when the beach area is maintained as it has been, it’s nice and suits our needs.  Grandkids are grown up so no park usage and little clubhouse.  Keep up the good work.

Bring back the Atlantic City Bus Trip!  Have a 50/50 on the beach everyday.

The Clubhouse area needs to be cleaned up and more inviting.  The inside of the clubhouse needs to be improved.  It is more like a storage area (which it is)— dark and dreary.  Should be like a classroom, bright, cheerful, a happy place to be.  More stuff in the playground would be good, but to kids, a playground is a playground.  Would not make them want to come more— may entice parents more.  The ocean beach is the biggest draw for the time they have at the shore— unless they are here for the whole summer.

(Reference question #3) depends on the program.Yard sale.

Memorial benches would be a good fundraising project such as those on the Point Pleasant boardwalk.  Used it (playground) when children and grandchildren were small.  It’s a great playground/swim place.

(Reference question #2)  since we currently do not have young children in our family, there is nothing there for us.  (Reference question #4) nothing at present time- no children.  Although we do not use the area at the present time, our family enjoyed many hours in the playground when our daughter was young.  We support any improvements to the area so that future generations may also enjoy it.

I would like to see an improved clubhouse.  If the Clubhouse were modernized and raised it could be a potential source of revenue for the Club.  A snack at could be staffed during the summer and room could be rented for parties.  This revenue could be used to help fund the improvements.  A better Clubhouse would also increase everyone’s home values.  Larger/modern Clubhouse could contain:  1). Snack bar and game room for kids. 2). Small gym for residents (4 treadmills, etc).  3). Modern bathrooms. 4). Storage for owners to potentially rent and store paddle boards, etc. 5). Meeting place/dining area to be rented for gatherings.  6)  better storage for maintenance equipment, which is an eyesore.  My ideal approach would be to modernize the clubhouse so that it could better serve members and be used as a source of potential revenue for the Club.  A one time fee could be voted on and approved by members or the construction of the club could be financed by a loan taken out by the Club.

(Reference question #2). No, as the playground equipment is old and needs to be replaced.

Fundraiser: 1. Magnetic stickers for cars (red, white, blue Ocean Beach Bay Club III); 2. Cloth grocery bags (red, white, blue with a wave saying Ocean Beach and Bay Club).

As parents of 4 children, ages 6 through 13, we have many concerns regarding the conditions and safety of the clubhouse and recreation area.  In particular, the lack of safety standards of the playground equipment and the basketball area.  As we have watched children play on the outdated playground and blacktop of basketball area, we have wondered how many children have already gotten injured, and what kind of injury it will take for our community to realize the severity of our lack of attention to these critical areas.  I have witnessed not only my own children, but adults as well, try to play basketball on a rusted, outdated chain net on the hoop, and the ball continuously getting stuck in the hole in the chain, causing much frustration and therefore players losing their lack of enthusiasm to play.  When children, in particular teens, do not have appropriate activities to keep them engaged, they often find inappropriate, destructive or even illegal activities to occupy their time, none of which we want our community associated with.  Besides this issue is the lack of safety of an outdated hoop post that is not padded.  When the sand from the Bay Area is covering the blacktop (which is very dangerous), players continuously slide losing their footing and often end up face first or head first into the unpaired metal pole.  The playground equipment, used by our youngest and most vulnerable children is in desperate need of attention.  It is far from being up to code with lack of appropriate ground material and fencing.  Old and rusted equipment poses a serious danger to children.  I will not let my very capable, independent 6 year old on that equipment unless I am an arms length away and under a close watchful eye in regards to the Clubhouse itself, I am saddened that this area of such great potential has been neglected.  I have only seen this utilized for activities for young children when it could and should be an environment conducive for activities for members of all ages.  This area can be utilized by adults and families for community-building events, party/event rental opportunities that can raise funds for our community, and for the children and grandchildren to have a place to keep them happy and engaged in appropriate activities, in particular teens who may be looking for a little space!  The Clubhouse is outdated and can use some newer amenities such as a large screen smart TV, video game console, dvd library, books, board games, furniture (sofas, game tables, shelving) just to name a few.  It can be the perfect place for rainy days or just to get out of the heat for a few hours.  Although the safety of our children is a priority, it is not OB3 ‘s only concern.  Many of our owners rent their properties to summer tenants (we rent our properties to families in the summer), who come each year to build family memories by engaging in all that the beach has to offer.  As look up and down route 35, there are many other communities who have already invested in their property values by coming together to make the necessary upgrades to their clubhouses and recreation areas.  This clearly would have an impact on our property values when tenants, or potential homebuyers start looking at the upgrades that our neighboring communities have invested in, therefore choosing those communities to rent or buy in.  It is crucial that OB3 is know as a community where children and grandchildren are safe and offers activities to keep them happy, out of trouble, and coming back for years to come.  All homeowners in OB3, those with children and/or grandchildren, and those without, should be concerned on how the condition and safety standards of this area directly affects all of our investments.  We have stated the problem, and we are more than willing to help in the solution.  Fundraising endeavors can be very beneficial as well as other means.  Please contact us regarding this crucial matter or any other concerns regarding OB3.  Thank you!

Once again I want to thank all the members who participated in this survey.  The results of this survey indicate that approximately 73% of the members who responded, frequent or sometimes frequent the Bay recreation area, with 54% of the members agreeing that it does not meet their needs, 76% of the members surveyed are willing to participate in a fundraising project designed to improve the bay recreational area with 57% indicating that they would be more likely to visit the playground if improvements were made, 82% of the members surveyed are willing to participate in fundraising endeavors such as a 50/50.

Our fundraising committee is always looking for volunteers who are willing to contribute some time and energy to our cause.  We will be moving forward on the possibility of having a summer long 50/50 with proceeds going towards improving the OB3 Bay Recreation area.  We have a lot of work ahead of us to make this a successful campaign.  We look forward to your support!

Thank you

Lorraine Polakowski

Secretary & Trustee-20-18



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