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1. A larger building w/enclosed garage for OB equipment. At least 3 unisex bathrooms, large windows, porcelain floors, larger kitchen, high ceilings, skylights, loft, large patio, central air/heat.
2. First Thank you for all your work. My comment on Club House, Do not use, do not need and do not want my costs of owning a second home to go up.
3. Charge people who use CH since they benefit rather than those who never use it. Drive costs to those who cause them
4. Knock it down & replace with outdoor benches, tables, chairs, pergola, planters. No bldg. Build shed for tools & storage.Done.
5. We think it's time. Go ahead.
6. Are the 2 bay beach lots owned by the club or leased? Most socialize at the ocean or their homes. No need for a larger building since the a new one will be elevated with space underneath.
7. I would love to see a new, larger and better equipped clubhouse. It could be a place where owners can meet and share a meal or a drink. If there was some sort of bar that would be perfect.
8. I'd like to understand the cost of the new clubhouse & the approval process. I'd suggest that we have specifics re. how it would be used since I don't bekieve the current facility is/was used much.
9. We think it would be a great asset to OB3 to have a modernized and upgraded clubhouse.
10. Because our house is (hopefully) rented for the entire season, we do not personally use nor do we have any suggestions to offer regarding the club house.
11. 100% opposed. You lost credibility. This is a bait and switch - lure us with the playground & then "oops we need a building".
12. You tore down playground BEFORE you had permit to install new one?Very dumb &irresponsible.Now we should trust you to do the right thing with a new CH which is way more complicated?Just tear it down.

13. I believe we should invest in the future by building a new building that can accommodate our office as well as our recreational and maintenance needs.
14. Lg room that can be used for parties/events, w/ full kitchen & window to the outside - party rental & snack bar helps generate $ -bathrooms -Underneath be used for maintenance storage
15. Include large area for games & activities, snack bar, enclosed area for maintenance equipment. Off-season rent to members for social events, generate $ for assoc.
16. Is it possible to rent the club house for children's birthday parties, baby showers, etc? If not it mat be an excllent source of income.
17. Shouldn’t we have a reserve account set up for new CH?Start now & set up a reserve and fund it over 5 yrs. If we are without CH for a while, so be it. Not the end of the world.
18. We could have weekly or bi-weekly sunset BBQ's with live music - charge $5 plus food - easily pay for the live performer.
19. We could consider a golf simulator in one of the smaller rooms - excellent ones can be purchased for $10-$15k and we recoup the purchase price in a few years.
20. We should have one large room and two smaller rooms that we could use for Board meetings or rent out to private parties for meetings or other private functions.
21. We should have several televisions inside for sports and/or movie nights - we could have events organized around major sports events.
22. The clubhouse should be large - perhaps 4,000 sq ft with a West-facing deck another 15-18 ft wide. This would allow for outdoor tables for dining and sunset viewing.
23. Ridiculous you didn't know til now that we need to raise clubhouse. Using SOME survey comments as promotional efforts to raise clubhouse is shameful. We all know who is going to pay for this.
24. No more dues or any increases should be added to home owners
25. We don't need a club house. Just a playground and a place for arts and crafts. We've all been through enough expense since Sandy.
26. I don't think we need a club house

27. Regarding the playground, is it part of the clubhouse. does it set on 3330 rte 35 sb property?
28. There are many other issues which need to be researched the members will have questions and need answers to.
29. we could finance it with the land properties (parking lots, etc) we own according to Ocean County tax records.
30. things to consider are the Toms River Building Codes. Such thing as required parking space, etc may need to be added into the cost.
31. In checking Ocean county tax records, the clubhouse (3305 herone lane) is owned Ocean Beach Pearl LLC. What would Mr Macdough responsibility for the rebuild
32. With Toms River be forced to increase our property taxes because of their decreased education funding, this building cost may not be feasible if it were passed on to the members.
33. If its 4000 sq ft and $200 a sq ft to build the cost to build would be approximately $800,000

34. You would need to know what the square footage and cost per square foot would be. comments only 200 characters is an issue. Please increase characters
35. Games, pingpong, foosball, no video games. Daily events. Basketball hoop, balls to checkout. A sound system for the movies with speakers built in and a screen that points away from the setting sun
36. Will we contact our lawyers to see if this action by TR IS LEGAL??
37. Don’t hit members with huge assessment in one year. Can’t afford it and not fair to members who sell their house before CH is rebuilt.They get all the cost & none of the benefit.
38. Send the playground equipment back and start planning fundraisers to build a new clubhouse!
39. The idea of a new club house is very nice but I’m on a fixed budget and cannot afford a big assessment. Dues/taxes/lease are all high & going up

40. Was insurance money collected on the club house after the storm? If so that’s why it has to be raised. Good ole FEMA. I suggest fund raising to offset any assessments for a new building.
41. You tell us about a new playground paid for through fundraising and then segue into an urgent need of a multi-million dollar club house. You dropped a bomb, be prepared for fallout!
42. Consequences permit FIRST
43. 900 plus membership 400 answers not even half
44. Get ducks in order before purchase
45. Epic center is BEACH not  clubhouse!
46. I think you are on the right track!
47. Hello, who owns the club house so I know how to offer financing ideas if there are any at all. Thanks, Rocco
48. We should apply for hurricane Sandy Relief Money
49. Toms River never ceases to amaze me with the rules. The last 3 years they have come up with more ways to get money out owners who rent. I think it is a great idea for a new club house.
50. Is the clubhouse leased from John McDonough? Get out of the is small , inadequate and there is no parking. combine clubhouse and  office.Tanya and Jim DiMauro318 W Bayview Dr.

51. Consider selling the existing office and do a multipurpose office / clubhouse. Have suggested ‘‘tis for Years. Sell the old to offset costs and burden to homeowners!!!!!!
52. It would be helpful to have several restrooms included in the new design
53. Indoor basketball court, at least a half court for rainy days
54. Sounds To good to be true.
55. be sure to elevate the clubhouse enough to create useable space underneath
56. Can't wait to see your vision, let's modernize the community!

57. Can the board advise why there was no insurance,who owns the land and building? The new clubhouse does not have to be a major expense ongoing
58. I think before we start planning to see what we want in a new clubhouse, we have to know what the limitations are according to Toms River because I’m sure there will be some.
59. Sell the office across from the Rental agency to fund the new clubhouse. Many homeowners are still trying to find funds to complete building their own homes since hurricane sandy.
60. I sent an email regarding this to due to space
61. Spend as little money as possible
62. This is Pat O'Shea and I am just super happy to hear we can get the permit now!
63. I feel the home owners on Dawn Lane and in close proximity should have their input considered first. Having concerts etc would greatly impact their property value and quality of life. Mary Harte
64. Would love ping pong tables or a pool table. Big screen TV to watch games or do karaoke.
65. Let the renters pay a surcharge for it being it is primarily used during the summer months
66. Please do not tear down until after the 2019 season has come to a close. Suggest having wifi connection and an area for people who may want to work on lap tops. Comfy chairs for reading.
67. How high do you plan on building the new club house? Are we looking at putting the office there too?
68. I think looking into a pool is a great idea. I spoke to Brian at the last meeting and told him I would help. John Arout, 3377 Heron Lane.
69. I'm not sure of the rules in Toms River or for-profit businesses but for baseball and school events we have had a lot of success with super 50/50 and tricky tray events.
70. No club houses needed—dues are too high as they are.
71. Get Bonnie the yoga instructor to hold classes there. Or some other exercise classes (e.g., Zumba).
72. Add money making options maybe a party room to rent for events video games snacks etc...

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