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Good day everyone,

Where to begin regarding last email from you. First your numbers quoted leave a bit confused unless you intended to do that. You say great response 400 answers we have over 900 home owners so that isn’t 50 percent. You think that 64 percent answered we like to socialize and meet people but assume that would be at a clubhouse! Big assumption as we meet people and socialize on the BEACH walking to Wawa ice cream playing ball at night and flying kites NOT at the clubhouse! Meet many at our beach concerts also. Now if you take 64 percent of 400 that answered numbers are in 200 plus which brings me back to way less than 50 percentage of homeownership.

Next did we learn nothing from the incident with the trees being taken down without a permit? Why would the board allow taken down equipment and purchases of new without research first? I have been impressed with the board and your educational backgrounds but this is upsetting. Now we are obligated to pretend to apply for a permit to take down the clubhouse to get the proper permit for the playground equipment! Doesn’t anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

Seems like the cart before the horse so please let’s just STOP now! Take a breath ask membership not on internet as everyone still is not represented. Find out from building dept in TR what we will actually be able to do per FEMA and Cafra rules and regulations. Where would cars park and how many spaces needed per size of building. Also ADA regulations etc.

Ok I think you get my issues. Good luck see you at the meeting.
The reply area from the survey only allows 200 characters. Here's what I wanted to send. I am not very optimistic that a new clubhouse is the answer to more socialization or use of the bay beach area.

There is a basic problem. As a more than 30 year resident of the house on the bay beach corner, it seems that only one thing has reduced usage. Jellyfish... sea nettles... whatever those little man-eating creatures are! The new net doesn't do it. If you can't wade or jump into the water to cool off, you may well not want to sit on the sand, and the kids won't either. Very few do any more.

So a nice clubhouse may not make the area more attractive and will cost members each a lot of money. There are other venues available for meetings and gatherings in the area. We don't need to build another. Move the office if it so makes sense, and plan for the activity and parking necessary, and make the building appropriate for maintenance and the lifeguards' equipment.

Remember, only 400 of the 1000 members replied to your earlier survey and only 64% were at all enthusiastic. That's like 260 or less of the 1000 homes. And if a little raised house is costing $300,000, the estimates of close to million are probably not far off. With elevating, paving, drainage, elevator handicap access, restrooms, kitchen... I think the club does a generally great job, but this project does not excite me. I'm not a fan.
To the Board of Trustees Ocean Beach & Bay Club, Inc.
My first reaction is how this news was delivered as just a little add on to the happy news of the new playground. This is a HUGE announcement with an ENORMOUS price tag and requires an in depth study and then presentation at a General Membership meeting with charts, options, drawings, estimates, and numbers with many, many meetings to follow over a period of time—not tomorrow.
A committee of at least 10 or more members (not all board members) with knowledge and expertise in the various components of this project needs to be formed to research all aspects of this proposal with options to be presented to membership.
How the information regarding “Substantially Damaged” has escaped the entire Club for 6 ½ years is absurd and needs an explanation and a request for an extension beyond October, 2021 from Toms River initiated through our lawyers. If we are ordered to demolish the building, do so, and live without a club house until we can plan, reserve funds and pay for a new one. Apply for permission to put up a garage in the interim for maintenance and storage.
Has anyone on the Board inquired and received ALL the pertinent information from Toms River, FEMA, and CAFRA as to requirements and limitations?
There are two different ideas out there; one group advocates for a club house “for the kids” and the other group wants an adult facility for adult activities. We have a playground for the little ones and teenagers are not interested in a supervised club house in 2019. As for the adult version—no, we don’t need an entertainment facility with a bar etc., nor can we afford a liquor license and the staff required to operate such a Club that is empty/closed half of the year.
Just imagine the taxes and insurance on a 2 million dollar Club House property!
I feel our board is diving into this in a BIG rush with absolutely NO MONEY (not even a penny) expecting membership to accept, support, and be willing to pay for a new Club House in the very near future. We need time and money before we do anything. Look how long it took us to get a new sign!!!

I think we should have it similar to OB 2 club house with a small kitchen with oven, fridge, and refrigerator. I think ONLY owners should be allowed to rent out the club house for private events from after Labor Day until the weekend before Memorial Day. I believe OB 2 charges $200 to rent their space. If this is a possibility there should also be sufficient parking and this would help if the club house was relocated more north. I think it should be nautical looking with a nice front porch over looking the water. Tile that remembers hardwood and nice white bathrooms with two stalls a piece and double sinks. Check out OB 2’s!

Ob2 even holds events in the  off season for owners like a Santa pancake breakfast! 

Dear President Anton (and OB3 Board),

Regarding the matter of elevating the club house, unless it is absolutely desirous of the club to have an elevated structure it may not be necessary. I think most "homes" that were flooded by Storm Sandy received a "substantially damaged" letter. "Substantial damage" means that the structure sustained damage that was more than 50% of the pre-storm market value of the "home."

I do not know what the cost of the damages to the club house were as a result of  storm Sandy, but if the damage did not exceed 50% of the pre-storm market value then the elevation requirement should not apply. Furthermore, these guidelines/rules pertain to "homes" or residences and are related to obtaining State and Federal funding for rebuilding/elevating "homes." The club house certainly is not a "home." I view the club house more as a utility structure. One certainly would not elevate a shed or garage.

If the club wants an elevated clubhouse, so be it. But, if the effort and expense of razing the club house and building a new elevated structure (that may not be of practical use) has been precipitated by the receipt of the "substantial damage" letter, then I think it might be wise to pursue a tactful dialogue with the individuals of authority from the municipality to determine if the elevation is in fact required or even appropriate given the type of structure (and perhaps the lack of actual damage sustained). 

The Club has known if they had a substantial damage flag that no permits would be issued from Toms River. Many of us have had to deal with this before facing a deadline.
can't wait to see it, where is maintenance going to work? sell the office and move it to a second floor of the new club house. that sale of the club office building money will go toward the new club house and the people of ocean beach will have a office in their community. will the playground be too close to the new club house? can they be reinstalled again later? We have been owners since 1997. Our children spent all of their summers there, enjoying the Bay Beach, taking swimming lessons,
playing games, eating Italian ices, doing crafts. We have been saddened to see the place fall into disuse, in part due to the stinging creatures, in part due to the habits changing over the summers lost to Sandy, perhaps in part due to there being fewer young children in the Community. The new clubhouse must be open during the day and early evening. There have been cases when I brought a book and a chair to the Bay Beach during normal operating hours, and was denied entry to the building by the on-duty Lifeguard sitting inside. If the new clubhouse is similarly unavailable (In my case, specifically the bathroom), its value to the community is diminished. Somehow, someone needs to be on-duty during the day, even if they cannot sell enough to justify their salary. 

I imagine that there will be financing involved, which will result in amortized payments spread out over some number of years and probably considered a lien on each property. I would like the choice to pay (assuming a $400,000 building loan) the $400 all at once, rather than be billed $40 a year for 20 years. I am sure that I am not alone in this. If 20 percent of the community chooses this option, it would cover a down payment. 
Monica. I have been in OB 3. For over 50 years I understand the need to have a new club house. But I think it would benefit the community if you are thinking of a new club house. Would be great. But I suggest renting it out to a outside vendor and let someone else do the inside. And run it. It would save the members money and generate income for the community.



I would prefer we put our money into something we could all use and enjoy . A beachfront boardwalk that would a go all the way from the north end of OB to the south end so we could use it for exercising as well as just strolling. It could be modelled on the Lavallette Boardwalk with benches and shaded sitting areas but maybe not quite as imposing. Also it should include access to the beach that people with children and older folks could easily navigate their way over the dunes. Probably
ramps instead of stairs.

On a separate note, I think you’re doing a great job as president. I’m on a HOA Board in Florida so I can appreciate some of the difficulties you are dealing with.


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