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Nicholas Chanda

Fema Elevation Certificates

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Ocean Beach Update

All of us would like to say THANKS to all our veterans for their service, keeping us free to enjoy our way of life. We would also like to welcome Ashley Swartz to the Board. Ashley is a year round owner with a financial background who expressed interest in helping the community. FEMA You may […]

By-Law Admendments

By-Law-Admendments-10-17-1-2 (1)

From the President

It’s been some time since our last update so there’s a lot to read, and almost all of it good. For those who could not attend the annual meeting, the 2018 Budget was approved. The 2018 assessment is $487 per lot, a reduction of $52. On or about November 1st the Toms River MUA paving […]

2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

The remaining  2017 Board Meetings are scheduled for November 10th  & December 8th.