Building Information

We have put the finishing touches on our new building process!  Below are the documents for your review during the building process.

Please note the BP Application & Process file is FOUR (4) pages (the first link below).  The FIRST page (page 1) is the Process.  STEP ONE (1) of the Process is a list of the items needed for submissions.  Partial submissions will NOT be accepted.  Submissions completed by any other party than the owner on record will NOT be accepted.

Building Permit Application & Process*
Hold Harmless Agreement

Rule Updates 10.2014

JCP&L GuidelinesA JCP&L representative may request plans. This will depend on the scope of a customer’s project.

Helpful Information from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs (cross-posted)

Hardship Exemptions: check back for next season’s information


*please note this application should also be used for other outdoor work, i.e. demos, siding, doors, windows, etc….