OB 3 Procedures & Polices for Requesting Club Documents

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Policies & Procedures to Request and Obtain Club Documents

  • M​ember​s of Ocean Beach Unit III, in good standing, so seeking records,​ must ​provide a written communication to the Club.
  • Inclusive of this request, will be the specific documents requested.
  • The Club will require ten (10) business days to accommodate all requests​.
  • ​A fee of $1.00 per page if copies are requested, is required to cover time, materials and resources dedicated to all requests, and is payable prior to providing the documents to the requester.

(1) Considerations for personnel matters, litigation matters, anything considered advisory,​ consultative or deliberative​,​ will require authorization from ​the Board​ of Trustees.
(2) Updated: March 2015