From the President

It’s been some time since our last update so there’s a lot to read, and almost all of it good.

For those who could not attend the annual meeting, the 2018 Budget was approved. The 2018 assessment is $487 per lot, a reduction of $52.

On or about November 1st the Toms River MUA paving of Bay View Dr and lagoon streets will begin. The project period is planned for 60 days. As future information and scheduling becomes available we will send emails to the residents on the bay as well as post to the Club web site.

Speaking of the web site, we are almost ready to launch the new web site. Thank you to the committee headed by Brian Quinn and its members Angela Serio, Maura Kayal, Janice Palmeri, Loraine Polakowski and Judy Baliman.

As for the sand roads, our maintenance crew continues to grade and add material to insure the proper flow of storm water. This week a contractor will be on the east side cleaning drains. We are also in the process of having a drainage engineer develop different proposals and cost estimates to deal with the drainage problems on the east side’s most troubled roads. We are also in the process of contacting state DOT reps to see what can be done about flooding resulting from the Route 35 project. Keep you posted.

We want to thank our staff for being proactive in closing the beach walkways in advance of the tropical storms, and Toms River for the “winterization” of our beach. With regards to the beach replenishment project, work has begun in Mantoloking. We’ll post updates as they become available. Like with new cars, 2017 beach ATV’s are also being discounted substantially. With the new dunes coming we are actively pursuing a vehicle that will allow the staff a safe and easy access to the beach. Thanks to Trustee Mike Hanney and his beach team for their work.

A fund raising committee headed by Trustee Loraine Polakowski is looking into ways to raise money for new playground committee, more to come in the coming months. Thank you to Pat O’Shea, Janice Palmeri and Lorraine Dario for volunteering to work on this committee.

A special thanks to Trustee Bobbie Mues who has been in contact with Toms River officials regarding abandoned and decaying homes. Our Club rules do not permit us to clean-up these properties or fine the owners. All we can do is suspend them, you all can help with this effort by contacting Toms River Housing and Property Maintenance. They handle rubbish, junk, high grass, broken fences, bad bulkheads, poison ivy, asbestos shingles and other building materials being trashed and left on the property–all items related to maintaining the EXTERIOR structures and property. THIS IS A COMPLAINT DRIVEN OFFICE most effectively operated by TELEPHONE REPORTED COMPLAINTS, call 732-341-100 x 8440. After the call, an inspection is done, and the appropriate action is taken.  If it does not fall under Code Enforcement, it will be forwarded to the proper office and person. Protect our property value.

I want to thank the over 400 members who responded to verifying their emails. We now have a good data base of 626 member emails which will enable us to communicate more often without incurring additional costs. We still have 207 members without an email address on file, and to my disappointment 122 members who never responded. Again, thanks to all who did respond.

We are also looking for members who would like to be a Trustee or a member of a committee. Please contact us.