Fellow Members With the weather breaking we are all eager to get out there and ready our places for the upcoming season. A few things to bring to everyone’s attention;     *        Please do not have your contractors, or ask someone else’s contractors to fill any holes on Club roads with […]

Open Board Meetings

The next Open Board Meeting will be held at 8pm at the OBBC Clubhouse on June 2nd. Future dates: July 14 August 11 September 15 October 13 November 10 December 8

2015 Audit

An electronic copy is available upon request to Info@oceanbeach3.org.   Please contact Chris Wetzel; cwetzelc@optonline.net with any questions.

2017 Budget

Budget OB 2017 posting   Any questions  please contact Chris Wetzel, cwetzelc@optonline.net

Dover-Brick Beach First Aid Squad Volunteer Opportunity

The First Aid Squad is in need of volunteers, training included. Please call (733) 793-1334 if interested.

Fall/Annual Membership Meeting

Saturday, September 9, 2017   10:00 am   Location: Ortley Beach Moose Lodge 399 1801 Bay Blvd, Ortley Beach, NJ 08751 Contact (732) 793-9451

Spring Membership Meeting

Saturday, June 3, 2017  10:00 am Location: Ortley Beach Moose Lodge 399 1801 Bay Blvd, Ortley Beach, NJ 08751 Contact (732) 793-9451  

Membership Meeting Voting Results (10/22/2016)

The voting results of the 2016 Fall Membership meeting are as follows:   Board Of Trustees: John Sorrentino 198 Sharon Andelora 165 Brian Quinn 154 Ken Levine 153 Bruce Lipkin 150 Jim Violet 128 Monica Anton 113 Francis Graziano 50     2017 Budget: 96 For 116 Against   Passed By Law Proposal 1  158 […]

Club Leadership Update

At the November board meeting new club leadership was elected, the results are as follows: President: Ken Levine Vice-President: Brian Quinn Treasurer: Sharon Andelora Secretary: Peter Cullen The board continues to work diligently to regain access to all club accounts. The next open board meeting will be held on December 2, 2016 at 8pm.

Club Leadership Transition

As we do not have access to the Club’s email blast account at this time we feel it necessary to let you know what is happening, and ask that you forward this to other Club members whose emails you may have. This past weekend our Club President, Vice President & Treasurer resigned without notice. Our […]

Beach is Officially Closing for the Off-Season …and more…

Our partners in Toms River will be officially closing our beach on Monday, 10/3.  The Maintenance team has removed the remaining benches, and the beach is cleared for closing during the off-season.  TR will close our walkways with protective berm and install the storm fence. For the most current information on beach replenishment, please click […]

Roads Update

Dear Members of Ocean Beach Unit III,   Please accept this communication to provide an update concerning the road grading and repairs.   The Club has received numerous requests for immediate road grading and repair.  In this regard, the Club is unable to make immediate grading and repairs as the same, could change the grading and exacerbate […]

Sea Nettles in the Lagoons

State officials have urged waterfront homeowners to give their bulkheads a scrubbing at least once per season, preferably in the spring before hot weather arrives, to cut down on the sea nettle population.  Sea nettle polyps prefer hard, smooth surfaces such as those found on bulkheads, floating docks, and even trash. Grab your wetsuits/waders and […]

Neighborhood Watch

The Board would like to remind everyone to please be diligent in sharing information.  We will all benefit from knowing that our eyes and ears are everywhere! You can call Patrol at (908) 783-8328 or call/email the business office (732) 793-3798 or info@oceanbeach.org.  As always, in an emergency, please call 911 immediately! If you see […]

SANDY SBA Disaster Loan Opportunity Extended

This information was posted on the Toms River website: http://www.tomsrivertownship.com/downloads/Initial-Press-Release-2015-Sandy-RISE-Declaration.pdf

REMINDER!!! JCP&L Guidelines on Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone

UPDATE and REMINDER! This was originally posted on October 2014 and bumped as a reminder in February 2015.  Since that time, JCP&L has updated the following information (cross-posted on our Building Information page; please make a note of this VERY important change): A JCP&L representative may request plans. This will depend on the scope of a […]

Contact Us

Not sure where to find us?  Visit our Contact us page for all our email addresses!  You can also find information about our business and construction office hours and committee assignments. Want to drop us a note by US mail?  Make sure your records are updated to read: Ocean Beach & Bay Club, P.O. Box […]

We <3 Our Volunteers!

If you want to volunteer, please email Bobbie Mues at bmues@oceanbeach3.org or pick up a Volunteer Sheet at the business office.  

Community Liaison for the Route 35 Project

Here is the email and phone number for the Community Liaison associated with the Route 35 road work.  If you have any damage to your property or questions about the project, please take note: email: Restore.NJ35@dot.state.nj.us phone #: (732) 230-7356 If you get voicemail, leave a message.  You will probably speak to Jamie or Jeff. […]

Grounds Committee Reminder: Signs

Just a reminder that ALL signs of any size shape and/or origin are a violation of our deed restrictions: The use of any type, or kind of sign, whatsoever on any part of the property is not permitted without written permission of Ocean Beach Inc. Thank you.  

Dune Replenishment Update

Fellow Members I would like to update you on the Dunes Replenishment project as it affects Ocean Beach. Our 2017 season will not be impacted. The project, assuming weather cooperates and equipment doesn’t breakdown, will begin in January 2018. We will have 9 access ways onto the beach with Toms River providing Mobi mat pathways […]

OFFICIAL OBIII Communication

Do you know where to find us?  We can be found on the phone, by eMail, by US Mail and 24/7 on the web! Be “In The Know”!  Communicate with us through these OFFICIAL Ocean Beach & Bay Club channels: by phone: Business office (732) 793-3798; Construction office (732) 793-6195 by eMail: info@oceanbeach3.org on the web: www.oceanbeach3.org Visit our […]

Helpful Information from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

As a public service to the Club we would like to provide you with information from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regarding home improvement contractors.  The web site is www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/HIC There is a hotline provided in this information as well as other requirements.  We have cross-posted this information on our Building Information and […]

OB 3 Procedures & Polices for Requesting Club Documents

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Policies & Procedures to Request and Obtain Club Documents M​ember​s of Ocean Beach Unit III, in good standing, so seeking records,​ must ​provide a written communication to the Club. Inclusive of this request, will be the specific documents requested. The Club will require ten (10) business days to accommodate all […]

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