Have you noticed….?

This year, our Board of Trustees wants nothing more than to keep our community moving forward.  We are working hard to get our community ready for the 2015 summer season!  We spent 2 days cleaning up the grounds with some wonderful neighbors, our maintenance and roads crews are working to repair/paint all our fences, roads [...]

This is Sophia: the seal who wanted to hang out on OBIII

click here to see Sophia on the Beach!  That darn ocean water interrupting her sunbathing! On our 2nd grounds keeping day, we all got to meet this adorable seal!  The Marine Mammal Center sent a rep to make sure she was safe.  In the end, they took her to a safer home.   Photo courtesy [...]

Badges are Ready!

Badges, decals and membership cards are available to members in good standing, with proper ID.  

Keep It Clean & Green!

Check out our caring neighbors cleaning up the boat basin last week during our first of two clean up days.  So many of our neighbors and friends came together spreading excitement and joy for the upcoming 2015 season (more pics are coming, so stay tuned!) This morning. on a routine grounds check, we found someone discarded [...]

Round 2: Ready, Set, Let’s Cleanup!!!

Round 2 of our Grounds Keeping days is Saturday April 25th.  Email us at info@oceanbeach3.org and let us know when you’re coming!  Bring your friends and family, too! In celebration of our community’s cleanup day, Ocean Beach Sales & Rental is hosting a cookout on BOTH cleanup days.  So, come join us to get ready for our season [...]

First Clean up Day in the Books!!

To Our Members Who Graciously Gave of Themselves: Success is not possible without your involvement, assistance and partnership…WE appreciate you making a difference in OUR community. We accomplished the cleaning of, and collection/removal of debris from our clubhouse area, our bay beach, our playground, our bulkhead areas, West Bay View Drive extension, and the boat basin, [...]

Grounds Committee Reminder: Signs

Just a reminder that ALL signs of any size shape and/or origin are a violation of our deed restrictions: The use of any type, or kind of sign, whatsoever on any part of the property is not permitted without written permission of Ocean Beach Inc. Thank you.  

Everyone Wants to be on the Beach…Ocean Beach Unit 1 3/19/2015

Photos courtesy of Ocean Beach Unit 1…thank you for sharing with us!

UPDATED: Substantially Damaged Properties Seminar

On Saturday March 14, 2015 from 9 AM to 11 AM the Township is hosting a seminar in Town Hall on the topic of Substantially Damaged Properties under the FEMA guidelines.  Township Engineer Robert Chankalian will display a Power Point presentation concerning the FEMA process for determining properties to be substantially damaged following Sandy. There [...]

Opening Day is Coming!!


Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members: At the fall membership meeting, I had mentioned that I would explore the possibility of creating and engaging in a group tax appeal.  After pursuing my stated intention to the membership, I have learned that the processes initiated previously as it relates to a “group” appeal, have now changed [...]

SAVE THE DATES- Community Grounds Keeping Days!

Joe Bruno and the Board of Trustees would like to invite you to come out on Saturdays April 18th and 25th to help us groom the community! Details will follow, but please save the dates for now!  (cross posted on Events page)

#tbt OBIII Annual Organization Meeting

Held at Citta’s Old Time Tavern, Toms River circa 1956   Want to have your #tbt pictures posted?  Please email them to info@oceanbeach3.org.  Let’s see how many memories we can post before opening day!  

Safety In Our Community: Neighborhood Watch is Working Overtime!

Our community’s Neighborhood Watch Program has been working hard these past few weeks!  Safety is a #1 priority in Ocean Beach III and neighbor’s are “seeing something and saying something”! Rob Rigby, our Patrol Captain, has been very busy working with homeowners to prevent many violations, including theft, dumping and trespassing. Most notable was a [...]

#tbt Then and Now

Our President, Jack Houseworth, TWO DAYS AFTER the storm on Sea View Road in 2012 and… …our view today (literally!) down Sea View Road IN 2015. Photos courtesy of Rob Rigby and Ocean Beach Rentals!  Thanks guys! Want to have your #tbt pictures posted?  Please email them to info@oceanbeach3.org.  Let’s see how many memories we can [...]

Dune Replenishment Update

We want to pass along a ”sort of answer” to a question that’s been on all our minds….http://brick.shorebeat.com/2015/02/beach-dune-replenishment-project-on-hold-as-legal-disputes-simmer/  

OFFICIAL OBIII Communication

Do you know where to find us?  We can be found on the phone, by eMail, by US Mail and 24/7 on the web! Be “In The Know”!  Communicate with us through these OFFICIAL Ocean Beach & Bay Club channels: by phone: Business office (732) 793-3798; Construction office (732) 793-6195 by eMail: info@oceanbeach3.org fax us at: (888) 501-5360 on [...]

REMINDER!!! JCP&L Guidelines on Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone

This was originally posted on October 2014.  However, due to an increase in calls to our office, we are bumping the post as a reminder.  (cross-posted on our Building Information page)   Please click here or continue reading below…. https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/jersey_central_power_light/rebuilding-guidelines.html We understand the hardships still being experienced by customers whose homes and belongings were damaged [...]

Freezing Pipe WARNING This Weekend!!

With record setting cold predicted this weekend please be sure to check your homes. Follow this link for useful information: http://patch.com/new-jersey/parsippany/how-protect-your-pipes-record-breaking-cold-approaches-0  

Membership Meeting Transcript Posted

The transcript for our Fall Membership Meeting held on October 25, 2014 are posted on our Downloadable Documents page.  You can find them under the heading “Meeting Minutes”. Thank you.  

Good News! Update to Rule #35 A2

Rule #35 A2 -You may enclose the bottom of houses built on piles, wood or block to create storage space only. -If the bottom of a home is to be enclosed windows are not permitted and flood vents are required on each wall. – This area may not be climate controlled or have access from [...]

What is that crazy KID up to now?!

Did you know that Board Member, Brian Quinn, will be jumping into the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for an awesome charity, The Special Olympics on Saturday, February 21st! Brian and some of our OBIII neighbors formed a team, The OB3Plungers, and raised over $2,000 for the Special Olympics, and they’re at it again!!! The [...]

2015 Invoices: UPDATE

Watch your mail; the 2015 Invoices are on their way!  Thank you for your patience while we worked through a software issue.

Helpful Information from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

As a public service to the Club we would like to provide you with information from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regarding home improvement contractors.  The web site is www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/HIC There is a hotline provided in this information as well as other requirements.  We have cross-posted this information on our Building Information and [...]

Ocean County DEP and FEMA Open Houses

Ocean County, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and FEMA are kicking off two Ocean County Open Houses, which is the next step in the mapping process for the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps. These Open Houses will allow residents of Ocean County who are in flood zones to speak with representatives from FEMA, NJDEP, [...]


The Construction office hours for Friday, 1/23, will be 9:00-10:00am ONLY.  The office will be closed Monday-Friday 1/26-30. We are available by voice mail at (732) 793-6195 or email at info@oceanbeach3.org.  You can US Mail your plans to us at Ocean Beach & Bay Club, P.O. Box 245, Lavallette, NJ 08735 or drop them through [...]

Can We Talk Trash?!

Here’s the 2015 Garbage/Recycling Schedule!  Copies are also available in the Business Office. 2015 Garbage-Recycling Schedule  

Just A Reminder: Secure It; Tie It Down; Lock It Up!

We published the following on December 15, 2014.  However, we continue to get calls from the community, so we are re-posting: We are receiving a lot of calls about the use of a neighbors’ electric, water or property lines without permission. Please be aware that if you do not have express written permission for you, [...]

Holiday Wishes

Dear Members of the Ocean Beach Unit III Community, As we near the close of 2014, I would like to take a moment to extend to each of our Family, Friends, Visitors and our team of dedicated employees, a warm and sincere wish for a very happy & peaceful new year. All my best, Jack

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Ocean Beach III Members, Family, Friends & Visitors, I would like to extend to each of you my sincere wishes for a joyous, peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Let this be a time for us to be thankful for our families, friends and neighbors. Let us all be thankful for all that we have [...]

Eleanor Haddon

The Board of Trustees regrets to let you know of the passing of Eleanor Haddon, the Club’s long-time Secretary and also the mother of current Board Secretary, Sharon Andelora. Here is Ms. Haddon’s obituary: Eleanor D. Haddon Past national president of Sigma Kappa Sorority Eleanor D. Haddon, 99, formerly of Ocean Beach III, N.J., passed [...]

Happy 239th Birthday to the US Marines!

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Residents, Members, Friends, Family & Guests; As Americans, we have the privilege of living our lives in a free and democratic society. We, as Americans also, on a daily basis, are afforded the opportunity to enjoy our freedom, and enjoy our freedom in many various ways. We are free to [...]

Look what happened while we were at the membership meeting…..

Wondering why Josh Mehl, Beach Patrol and Security, didn’t join us at our fall membership meeting on the 25th? Well that’s because he was helping to lead his soccer team to the CHAMPIONSHIPS!! The Patriots’ win was the first since 2008! Congratulations to the Patriots’ and the whole coaching crew! We’re sorry we couldn’t catch [...]

On a Personal Note

The Club office works very hard keeping the personal information of all our homeowners confidential. This is for your safety and privacy. We have helped homeowners resolve issues and get in touch with neighbors through the business office and security, without having to divulge personal information. As we get into the quieter winter season, we [...]

Where on the coast is Ocean Beach Unit 3?!

Take a look at this fun video from News Jersey 12. Thank you, Pat O’Shea, for sharing it with us! Two Years After Sandy http://newjersey.news12.com/multimedia/chopper-12-over-jersey-shore-2-years-after-sandy-1.9557268

Results of October 25th Membership Meeting

Thanks to every member who attended the October25th Membership Meeting. We know you had plenty to do on a beautiful day and we appreciate that you took the time to come out and heard about Ocean Beach III and show your concern for the Ocean Beach III that we all love and enjoy. The result [...]

Reminder: Membership Meeting, October 25, 2014

The Fall General Membership meeting will be held on: SATURDAY, October 25, 2014, 09:00AM. Official Registration Begins at 08:00AM Sharp Ocean Beach Unit III Volunteer Fire Department Kittiwake Avenue Toms River, New Jersey 08735 Dear Ocean Beach and Bay Club Member: We would like to invite you to join us for the Ocean Beach & [...]

Fall Meeting Update

Please note this is a membership only meeting. Only members (owners on record) of the Ocean Beach & Bay Club in good standing will be able to attend this meeting. Be sure to bring proper ID to identify yourself as the homeowner–same as you did when you picked up your beach badges. Thank you.

Mary E. (Doyle) Dohoney

It is with a heavy heard that we let you know of the passing of Mary Dohoney. Mrs. Dohoney spent 50 of her summers with us here at Ocean Beach III. She was a long timer in our community and a wonderful woman. She will surely be missed. If you would like to pay respects [...]

A Word of Caution

It is important that our membership is aware that any information from “ocean beach 3″ on Facebook is not from your Club, Ocean Beach and Bay Club (Ocean Beach 3). As stated at the spring membership meeting, we do NOT know who is running the Facebook page, ocean beach 3. Any Facebook comments written under [...]

Absentee Ballots

Please note our bylaw with regard to voting: Article 6, Section 1: Voting At all general or special membership meetings the Secretary shall have a record of all members eligible to vote. A register shall be signed by the member before he enters the meeting, and at such time, he shall be issued a numbered [...]

FULL Audit Report

Homeowners can obtain a copy of the FULL Audit Report at the Business Office. In order to fulfill you request, please note the following requirements: -Request must be in writing. Direct all requests to info@oceanbeach3.org -A $15.00 fee will be charged for all requests. -A Confidentiality Agreement must be signed at the time of pick [...]

Fall Membership Meeting Invitation

Please watch your mail! Your Fall Meeting invitation is on it’s way! Just to clarify: The address of the firehouse is 40 Kittiwake Avenue, Seacrest Beach Ocean Beach Unit III 2014 Fall Membership Meeting Invitation

A Note of Clarity

This email reflects the July 2014 communication between Michele Donato and Louis Flora/Brian Giblin with regard to the accounting firm conducting the December 2013 Audit. Mr. Alloco’s statement is incorrect, and this email exchange between attorneys explains why. eMail Donato to Flora 7.18.14

Wedding Announcement

We are excited to announce that our neighbors on Amberjack, The Dennis Family, will be hosting their daughter’s wedding on our beach! The nuptials will be held on THIS Sunday, 9/28, at 1:00pm. For all our neighbors on Seaview & Pearl Road, as well as the surrounding area, we ask for your patience as wedding [...]

OB 3 Procedures & Polices for Requesting Club Documents

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Policies & Procedures to Request and Obtain Club Documents M​ember​s of Ocean Beach Unit III, in good standing, so seeking records,​ must ​provide a written communication to the Club. Inclusive of this request, will be the specific documents requested. The Club will require ten (10) business days to accommodate all [...]

2014 Dune Beach Access Openings

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, Be advised that the Township of Toms River is taking action on the beachfront today to close dune openings due to the moderate nor’ Easter expected to hit us tonight and tomorrow. Thank you, Jack

Transcript of the June 14, 2014 Meeting

The transcript of the June 14, 2014 meeting is now available in the downloadable section of this website. A special thank you to Judy Baliman for her help with proofreading names and addresses. If you see any additional corrections, please email Sharon Andelora at sandelora@oceanbeach3.org.

Independent Auditors’ Report for 2013

Attached is the Independent Auditors’ Report as promised at the June 14th Membership meeting. Additionally, for those of you who wanted the information, we have attached the original engagement letter dated March 25h and signed by the club Treasurer, Don Maurer, on April 2nd. Bound copies of the audit will soon be available at the [...]

2014 Fall Membership Meeting Information

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, With regard to the Fall Membership meeting, the Board has received numerous concerns that the scheduled meeting day, Saturday, October 4th 2014, is a religious day requiring obligations. The Board has also received and responded to concerns previously expressed around the selected venue and the hardships created. With the [...]

The End of Summer 2014

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Member, Family & Friends, As we close yet another summer season and chapter in the lives of our residents, visitors, friends & families, I would like to take a moment to share with everyone, the below information. As follows; OCEAN BEACH LIFEGUARDS & BADGE CHECKER TEAMS: •My sincere and [...]

Dune Information: Easement Documents Signed

Good Afternoon Ocean Beach Unit III Members,  Friends & Family, I am proud to report to everyone, that today, at approximately 2:00PM, John McDonough officially signed the easement documents permitting the Army Corps of Engineers access to our beach to create and construct a new and improved dune across our beachfront. This action also includes [...]

JCP&L Recommendations for New Construction or Rebuilding

Jersey Central Power & Light Recommendations for New Construction or Rebuilding  To accommodate rebuilding efforts and provide guidance in those areas where customers may have to raise their homes up in compliance with the new FEMA standards, Jersey Central Power & Light  ( JCP&L ) wants to make customers aware of potential clearance and access [...]

Dune Easement Access Agreement

Jack Houseworth, OBBC President, has reported that the easement agreement has been received by the developer, John McDonough, and the specifics and details requested,  have all been satisfied. The easement access, permitting the Army Corp of Engineers access to create the new dune system, will be signed and permission granted in the very near future. More [...]

Information from JCP&L

Information on Sandy-Related Repairs, Demolitions and Home Elevations We understand the hardships still being experienced by customers whose homes and belongings were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. JCP&L remains committed to working with federal, state and local agencies in a coordinated effort to rebuild and restore your service.                          To make arrangements to have your electric [...]

Transcript of Fall Meeting, October 26, 2013, Now Available

The transcript of the Fall Meeting, October 26, 2013, is now available on the website in the section,  downloadable documents.

Ocean Beach III Update: Roadways and NJAMC Work

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, Friends & Family, OCEAN BEACH ROADWAYS: To ensure we do not incur additional expenses due to a lack of maintenance, work is being performed this week which will encapsulate York raking and smoothing out the roadways. All accessible roadways, will be receiving maintenance now, and with the completion of [...]

Deed Restriction Compliance Needed and Water Department Update

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, Friends & Family, Below is information that needs to be shared with the members of our community. As follows: DEED RESTRICTION COMPLIANCE / VENDOR SIGNAGE: As has been communicated and requested previously to our community, we need the help and assistance of our owners to take action to ensure [...]

Security Lighting Now Installed and Operational on Beach

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club We are pleased to inform you that we were able to secure security lighting on the beach at zero installation cost to the Club. After months of discussion JCP&L installed the lights this week and they are now operational. Our security team was thrilled to have the lighting as it [...]

Forms Posted on Website: Downloadable Documents

The following forms had been added to the Downloadable Documents section of this website: Table of Restrictions, Rules and Regulations, December 3, 2013; Application for Toms River Variation    

Ocean Beach and Bay Club Officers for 2014

The Ocean Beach and Bay Club Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 and elected the following Board members as their officers for 2014: Jack Houseworth, President Kenneth Levine, Vice-President Don Maurer, Treasurer Sharon Andelora, Secretary

October 26th Meeting Results

At the fall meeting held on October 26, 2013, the budget passed:  106 approved, 35 did not approve.  The membership elected the following members to serve on the Board of Trustees, 2014-2015:  Pete Cullen, Jack Houseworth, James Martino, Don Maurer, and Edward Shalvey.  Arthur Simonson will fill the vacancy on the Board created by the [...]

Important Ocean Beach III Update: October 18, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, Friends & Family,      At the risk of being bold and brash, I would like to share the below information with each of you. First, in an attempt to provide clarity and transparency to the members, the previous year within our community is a time like no other. [...]

New Date for the Fall Meeting is Set; October 26, 2013

Confirmation has been received regarding our FALL General Membership Meeting. As follows: DATE: October 26th, 2013. DAY: Saturday TIME: 09:00 – 12:00 PLACE: Toms River Intermediate School NORTH ADDRESS: 150 Intermediate North Way, Toms River, NJ 08753 We will begin with registration at 09:00 with the meeting to begin at 09:30 until 11:30. More information will be forthcoming.

State agency tells Sandy-affected residents to stop rebuilding if they want to see more repair money

State agency tells Sandy-affected residents to stop rebuilding if they want to see more repair money By SARAH WATSON Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2013 8:08 pm  Homeowners who have submitted applications for grants related to Hurricane Sandy damage have been advised to stop any construction work immediately to maximize the amount of [...]

Transcript of Spring Meeting, June 22, 2013

The transcript of the June 22nd Spring meeting is located in the downloadable document section.

Insurance Issues? Meeting Planned for Saturday, August 10th, for Help

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members, Family & Friends, As we continue to move forward, I am aware that many of our residents continue to have issues regarding insurance company claims that have been submitted.  I know many that have received inadequate pay-outs, especially on flood insurance policies. In an effort to provide assistance to our members, as well as [...]

Concert Postponed Until Saturday, August 31st

Due to forecasted thunderstorms late this afternoon and this evening, the BlackRose Band Concert has been postponed until Labor Day weekend.   The concert will be held on Saturday, August 31, 2013, with a raindate of Sunday,

Reminder: BlackRose Band Concert, Saturday, July 20th, 8 p.m.

The BlackRose Band will be performing on Saturday night, July 20th, from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Ocean Beach III, Walkway 5.    This is the only concert we will be having at Ocean Beach III this summer.  The Band is donating this concert to us and we hope all Ocean Beach III residents/tenants will [...]

Ocean Beach III Update: Swimming Areas, Flag Raising Ceremony, Construction

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members, Family & Friends: Information to share with all is as follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III BEACH SWIMMING AREAS: Due to changing currents and deep holes off the beach, and to ensure the safety of all of our residents and guests, Captain McCarrick has had to relocate the Lifeguard [...]

Ocean Beach III Update: Construction, Beach, Fourth of July Activities, Future Activities

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members, Family & Friends, Information to share with the community is as follows: OCEAN BEACH SUMMER CONSTRUCTION REMINDER: Effective Saturday, June 29th, 2013, the Ocean Beach Summer Construction guidelines go into effect. Please reference the oceanbeach3.org. website to reference the document. External construction will only be permitted Monday  thru Friday, 08:30AM [...]

Update for Ocean Beach III: Awareness, Construction Issues, Summer Kickoff

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family & Friends, An update and information to share with the community. As follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III AWARENESS; As was spoken about at our meeting on June 22nd, theft has been an area of major concern and we are requesting all residents to report suspicious activity to our [...]



OBIII Update: FEMA, June 22nd Meeting Reminder

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members & Family, To provide our community with updates and information, the following; OCEAN BEACH UNIT III BUILDING INFORMATION: FEMA has published the new ABFE requirements for our community. Please reference “region2coastal.com, to obtain your specific ABFE. Your individual BFE, plus 4′, is what is, and will continue to be, [...]

OBIII Update: Vendor Signage/Building Permits

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members & Family, I would like to inform everyone of the below information. As follows: OCEAN BEACH EXTERNAL VENDOR SIGNAGE: •The club has received a certified letter requesting immediate compliance in accordance with our Deed Restrictions. •Effective immediately, all vendor signage, internal and/or external, must be removed from your [...]

NJ American Water Company: Work Lay-Out and Visual Overview

NEW JERSEY AMERICAN WATER COMPANY: WORK LAY-OUT AND VISUAL OVERVIEW Scope of work, with scheduled service dates for East Pelican and East Marlin will be sent to you upon your request to sandelora@oceanbeach3.org. Here is our proposed plan with dates for E Pelican Way: Here is our proposed plan with dates for E Marlin Way:

Update for OBIII on summer construction, swimming area, spring meeting, etc.

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members & Family,      Below is an informational update pertaining to Summer Construction Guidelines, Catch Basins & Drains, NJAWC Work, Swimming Area Info & Spring General Membership Meeting. As follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III SUMMER BUILDING GUIDELINES: In an effort to ensure progress is ongoing and to restore our community, [...]

Final Pick-up of debris and sand, Sunday, May 19, 2013

  FINAL PICK-UP for curbside storm debris is Sunday May 19, 2013   May 19th is the last day that residents can place storm debris on their curbside, or “right of way.” Disposal of any storm derbis after this date is the responsibility of the homeowner. Construction scrap materials, contractor generated and/or commercial debris does [...]

BFE+4 Approved for All Locations in OBIII

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family & Friends, I would like to share the below informational update with each of you regarding changes within our community. As follows; BFE CHANGES: Effective Immediately, *BFE in Ocean Beach Unit III will be approved by the Developer at BFE plus 4 feet for all locations. * This decision [...]

Results of the OBIII Community Clean Up Event

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family & Friends, I want to share with everyone the events of the weekend and the community clean up results. As follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III COMMUNITY CLEAN UP EVENT: The event was held Saturday April 27th & Sunday April 28th, 2013. The preparation began three weeks prior to [...]

April 28th Ocean Beach III Debris/Sand Clean-Up: Homeowners

  April Ocean Beach III Debris/Sand Clean-up:Homeowners   April 28, 2013 is the second day of Ocean Beach III’s Community Weekend.  For those of you who missed out on getting your sand removed in the winter, April 28th is your last opportunity for free sand removal.  Please sign up below if you need help cleaning [...]

Ocean Beach Unit III Building Heights, April 21, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Members & Family, Information to share pertaining to building heights within the community: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III BUILDING HEIGHTS: Over the past few days, meetings have been held with Builders & Developer, John McDonough, pertaining to heights of homes in Ocean Beach Unit III. Due to the new requirements for [...]

Ocean Beach Unit III Community Clean-Up Event, April 27 & 28

  Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Club Members & Family,       Information to share pertaining to the Ocean Beach Unit III Community Day Event is as follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III COMMUNITY CLEAN – UP EVENT: MISSION: To walk and clean of all debris from the following areas within the community: Ocean Beach Bay Beach [...]

Ocean Beach and Bay Club Update, April 12, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members, An update regarding our community and information to share with all. As follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III COMMUNITY AWARENESS: As discussed at the membership meeting, we need all members of the community to keep a watchful eye on happenings within our community. Attempted theft of property and utilities, [...]

Ocean Beach Unit III Building Requirements 2013


Ocean Beach Unit III Patrol Update and Information

OCEAN BEACH UNIT III PATROL UPDATE & INFORMATION:   TRAFFIC: As the weather improves we are receiving an increase in people perusing our community. We have had and continue to address issues of trespassing, illegal entry of damaged homes and people damaging our Dune fences. We have posted No Trespassing signs in an effort to inform [...]

Ocean Beach Unit III Rule Changes and Facts 2013

  OCEAN BEACH UNIT III RULE CHANGES & FACTS:   ITEM # 1: All houses being raised will adhere to the elevations BFE plus 2’ as adopted by the State of New   Jersey in accordance with the Zone which the lot is located. . Owners are responsible to obtain the ABFE for residence and [...]

April Ocean Beach III Debris/Sand Clean-up

April Ocean Beach III Debris/Sand Clean-up:Homeowners   April 28, 2013 is the second day of Ocean Beach III’s Community Weekend.  For those of you who missed out on getting your sand removed in the winter, April 28th is your last opportunity for free sand removal.  Please sign up below if you need help cleaning the [...]

Message for March 30, 2013

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members & Family,      I would like to pass along an update pertaining to a few areas of information that we would like everyone to be aware of. As follows: OCEAN BEACH COMMUNITY DAY: We have confirmed the date!!! Saturday April 27th & Sunday April 28th, 2013, will be community [...]

Update for March 24, 2013/Agenda for April 6 Meeting

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members, Information to share with everyone as we move towards the nicer weather and the influx of people to our community, the following: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III DEMOLITION AND ILLEGAL DUMPING: Home owners, and the hired contractors, are responsible for the demolition of damaged homes and the clean up [...]

Special General Meeting, Saturday, April 6th

Dear Members of Ocean Beach Unit III, We are happy to announce that we will be having a special general membership meeting at Toms River High School North on Saturday April 6th, 2013 from 09:00 until 12:00 noon. We will be sending directions, and an agenda via the hard copy mailing being sent, along with [...]

Update Message for March 7, 2013

Good Afternoon Ocean Beach & Bay Club Members, Information and Updates are as follows: OCEAN BEACH SEWER LINES: The Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority, (TRMUA), has been on site in our community. As of today, they have successfully cleaned and scoped for internal damage, all main sewage lines. All main lines are without damage and [...]

Update Message for March 6, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family,      Below are a few updates and information to share with everyone. As follows: OCEAN BEACH ROAD & DRAIN UPDATE: Roads have all been stabilized to ensure access for all vehicles and contractors. Roads will be “finalized” in the spring with a final rolling and top dressing applied. [...]

Message for February 24, 2013

Good Afternoon Members of the Ocean Beach & Bay Club, Below is an update on the restoration project and building elevation guidelines. As follows: OCEAN BEACH RESTORATION UPDATE: All roads in the community have been stabilized to ensure access for residents, contractors and township vehicles. Excessive amounts of sand have all been removed from the [...]

February 22, 2013

Electricity is now on Sea View Road, houses with odd numbers.  Finally!

Message for February 8, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, Below is an update along with information that needs to be shared with everyone. The Board is aware of the urgency requested in adopting changes to the rules regarding the BFE’s, of which we are working to gather accurate information prior to publishing. Our goal is to have [...]

Message for January 25, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, Information pertaining to the restoration effort, residential heights and post June 15th construction deadline, are below. As follows: ROAD RESTORATION: All roads have now been stabilized. Top dressing of all roads will not be completed until Spring of 2013. All roads are accessible and have been stabilized to [...]

Message for January 20, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, OCEAN BEACH UNIT III ROAD RESTORATION UPDATE: West side has been stabilized. East side has been stabilized up to Penguin. East side stabilization will be completed by the end of next week. Roads will be finalized and top dressed prior to the end of the next week as [...]

Message for January 11, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, To provide an update to everyone in our community, the following information; OCEAN BEACH ROAD RESTORATION UPDATE: Roads on the West side, between 35 North & South, are now passable. Roads on the East side currently stabilized are Osprey, Albacore, Plover & Amberjack. East Tuna, due to the [...]

Message for January 8, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, I would like to again, express my sincere appreciation and thank you to every member who attended Saturday’s meeting. As I stated at the beginning of our meeting, I may not currently have all the answers, but I do have a Board of Trustees to assist me in [...]

Message for January 4, 2013–includes directions to meeting

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, Directions for our meeting and an update for your TRMUA billing are below: OCEAN BEACH & BAY CLUB DIRECTIONS FOR MEETING: From the Parkway South: Exit at 82, Route 37 East. Proceed through first light on 37 East, and take jug-handle. Cross over Route 37, onto Rt 166 [...]

Message for January 1, 2013

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family: I would like to provide the below amendment to my communication previously sent out yesterday. As follows: OCEAN BEACH & BAY CLUB BUCKET BRIGADE THANK YOU: My sincere thank you and grateful appreciation is again communicated to everyone involved in the Bucket Brigade Campaign. At this time, I [...]

Message of December 30, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, I would like to take a moment to provide updates and information to everyone regarding the below topics. As follows: OCEAN BEACH UNIT III BUCKET BRIGADE: The Bucket Brigade is on duty and working to clear residences of excess sand. In total, one hundred two homes completed registration [...]

January 2013 Schedule for Access

  Northern Beaches The “Northern Beaches” are located north of Lavallette and south of Brick Twp., such as Ocean Beach, Chadwick, Monterey, Normandy, etc.  Beginning on January 7th, we expect all areas of the Northern Beaches to be open for re-population.  All utilities are expected to up and running.  Please refer to schedule below for [...]

Message for December 24, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, While the events of October have left each of us bewildered, speechless, and devastated, the one thing that is has not done, is defeated us! While we are all undoubtedly challenged, and all in so many various ways, I would like to take this moment to ensure everyone, [...]

Update for December 21, 2012 and Agenda for Upcoming Meeting,

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, Below you will find an update relating to our sand removal campaign, community grounds reminder and information pertaining to our special meeting for the general membership. As follows: OCEAN BEACH SAND REMOVAL CAMPAIGN: Please complete the requested information in the form of a “google” document which is located [...]

Call for Volunteers, December 21, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, As we look forward to implementing the sand removal campaign, I have received numerous requests from homeowners in Unit III, as well as our neighboring beach homeowners, offering to volunteer their time, efforts and strength, in addition to those currently enlisted for this project. Below, you will find [...]

Update for December 18, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, As the President, it makes me proud to communicate to the community, through networking and partnerships created, we will have the assistance of the “Bucket Brigade” the weekend after Christmas. The purpose of this partnership, is to provide assistance to our homeowners in removing sand from individual residences. [...]

Update for December 15, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family, A few notes below to share with everyone this evening. Please be assured we continue to work towards the restoration of our community. We are fully aware of the urgency required pertaining to the road situation. We continue to explore all resources and options available to us, to [...]

OBBC Building Permit Form

The OBBC Building Permit Form is now available in the Downloadable Documents Section.

Permits to Restore Electrical Service

Please refer to Toms River Township website for more information. Electrical Permit Re-connection Steps Residents that have had their electrical meters pulled by JCP&L must take the following steps. 1-Homeowners and/or their electrician must request a permit for an electrical re-connection, which is now at no cost, at the Toms River Permit office in town [...]

Update for December 13, 2012; Barrier Island Closed 12/14 AM

NJ Natural Gas expects short delay on barrier island (December 13, 2012 8:15 pm) At 8 pm Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, Toms River Township was informed that NJ Natural Gas has encountered more leaks on the barrier island than they expected.NJ Natural Gas has additional remedial work to do on the repressurization project on the [...]

Updated New Schedule Posted on TRT website, December 14, 2012

Just posted: Barrier Island Re-Entry Schedule 12/17/12 through 12/31/12 12/17 & 18 :             West Zone Closed to Residents –East and Middle Zones Open North Beaches : Rt. 35 SB (west side of highway) to the bay front Ortley Beach : Washington Ave. (west side of street) to the bay front 12/19 & 20 :             [...]

Update for December 11, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family: Below you will find an update regarding access and our progress relating to clean up and restoration of our community. As follows: Ocean Beach Unit III Access: Will again be granted to our community December 14, 15th & 16th. Access begins at 08:00 and departure time is 4:00PM. [...]

Update for December 7, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family,        I would like to share with the community, updates and information that directly relate to Ocean Beach Unit III and the facts as to where we stand currently. Please be assured that the Trustees and myself, are focused on the issues that most need immediate attention, such [...]

Update for December 5, 2012

Toms River has announced that Ocean Beach 3 residents will be able to go on the barrier island on Friday, December 14; Saturday, December 15; and Sunday, December 16.  All areas from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.   We will not be able to come on the island from Saturday, December 8 – Thursday, December 13. [...]

Update for December 4, 2012

Dear Ocean Beach & Bay Club Family,        Below, I will attempt to provide answers to the most frequently received requests for information and to provide the most current information available relating to the community and the actions to be implemented. I would also like to assure everyone we are moving forward in obtaining [...]

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