Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish all our members, friends, neighbors, visitors and family a very happy, peaceful and safe holiday!  As we enter the 2015 holiday season, please take the time to reflect on how fare we’ve come together, and how many memories we still have to make!   Respectfully, Jack and the Board of Trustees  

2015 Fall Meeting Results

2016 Board Members were uncontested: a single vote was cast for entire slate by the Secretary of the Board, Pete Cullen. Results for 2016 Budget and Bylaw Proposals are as follows: Topic Total Vote # FOR # AGAINST % FOR Result BUDGET 102 77 25 75.40% PASS Majority Proposal 1: 14 day notice period 102 […]

Another Fun Visitor!

Check out the lower left corner; it’s Fudgy the Whale in OBIII! photo courtesy of an anonymous neighbor

In Memoriam: Peter Weeks

It is with sadness that we report to you the passing of Peter Weeks. Peter fought his battle, as he lived his life, with dignity, courage and pride. Peter was a valued member of our team, our community and did so many good things for so many good people. Peter will be remembered in many […]

Happy Veteran’s Day….

…to all our Veteran’s, near and far.  

REMINDER: Fall Meeting

We have rescheduled the Fall Membership Meeting to Saturday, November 14th, 11:00am to 3:00pm at the Dover Brick First Aid in Normandy.  Registration begins at 10:30am. Details of the meeting have been mailed to all homeowners. We’ll see you there!    

Happy 240th Birthday to the United States Marines!

THANK YOU for all you do to protect our freedom!

#tbt Lifeguard Tournament

*cross-posted on our Memories page

REMINDER!!! JCP&L Guidelines on Rebuilding in a Designated Flood Zone

UPDATE and REMINDER! This was originally posted on October 2014 and bumped as a reminder in February 2015.  Since that time, JCP&L has updated the following information (cross-posted on our Building Information page; please make a note of this VERY important change): A JCP&L representative may request plans. This will depend on the scope of a […]

Post Storm Review

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Membership, As we complete the post storm review, Ocean Beach & Bay Club would like to update you with the following information: The ocean front dunes held steadfast and protected our community and property. We did incur severe erosion of our beach but, as in the past, but we do […]

OBIII Storm Update

How is everyone doing?  Over here, we have been busy with storm prep!  Not only have we been protecting our common areas and fleet, but our office staff has been making calls to our members who do not have an email address on file letting them know our meeting is being rescheduled!  We have spread […]

Storm Information from Toms River

Check out what Toms River has to say about their efforts to protect the coastline: TR Township Press Release Please check back to our Breaking News page for more updates as the weekend progresses. Thanks to all who called and emailed us with information and storm updates.  Let us know if you have a few of your […]


Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Residents, With the impending storm in our very near future, the board would like to inform you that our partners in Toms River have been working diligently to move sand in front of our beach access ways and have worked into the evening to create a second dune in front […]

Official eMail

Dear Ocean Beach Unit III Residents, We would like to provide some clarification around official electronic communications that are sent from the Board of Trustees. In the event that you’ve received a recent email entitled, “Vote NO Ball Playing on the Beach”, the board would like to clarify that the email, so titled, was not […]

OBIII Community BBQ Sunday, September 6th

Hello OB III Members: Summer 2015 is going by too fast!  We hope it is a good one for you and your family.  From the Board, we are thrilled to report that it has been a great summer; hot, crowed at times, beautiful at the beach, many social events, and lots of improvements everywhere! Now […]

Patrol and the Black Pig

Onyx, the black pig, was found frolicking on our beach, celebrating the recent availability of Miss Piggy!  Alas, he was escorted off the beach to celebrate elsewhere…. (cross-posted on our Family Memories page)

Sunset at the Bay

Where else can you find such a beautiful sunset than in Ocean Beach III?! As seen from our bay beach during the Ice Cream Social on August 6th: *photo courtesy of Andrea Erskine.  Thank you for sharing, Andrea!  (cross-posted on our Family Memories page)

More Chalkboard Art!

This week we’ve had butterflies, flowers and hearts, oh my!  Have you got your art buzz on with us yet?  Stop by the business office and draw with us!    

Contact Us

Not sure where to find us?  Visit our Contact us page for all our email addresses!  You can also find information about our business and construction office hours and committee assignments. Want to drop us a note by US mail?  Make sure your records are updated to read: Ocean Beach & Bay Club, P.O. Box […]

We <3 Our Volunteers!

Thanks to Desi for painting the Clubhouse with us and thanks to Zich for repairing the water lines at the Boat Basin. If you want to volunteer, please email Bobbie Mues at bmues@oceanbeach3.org or pick up a Volunteer Sheet at the business office.  

2015 Lifeguard Tournament

The annual OBIII lifeguard tournament will be held on Saturday, August 1st at 6:00 p.m. Besides our own OBIII lifeguards, there will be 8 other teams competing.  The events will include a swim relay, paddle relay, boat relay, a surf medley, and a boat pick up. For our cheering squad, we are ordering an overrun of gear just […]

Don’t miss it! Jr. Lifeguard Program Begins!

This week began our Junior Guard program!  It is being held on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s from 9:30-10:15 for the month of July. There’s still time to join!  Anyone interested, meet at the Lifeguard Tent on walkway 5.  Kids from the ages of 9-14 are welcome, there is no prerequisite to join the fun. During […]

Bike Parking

We have installed Bike Parking at all EVEN walkways, 2, 4, 6, and 8. Pedal on!  

Voting Results of Proposed By-Law Changes, June 13, 2015

Voting Results of Proposed By-Law Changes on June 13, 2015   The membership of the Ocean Beach and Bay Club voted on six by-law changes that were proposed and sent to the entire membership 30 days prior to the spring membership meeting.  The voting took place at the 2015 spring membership meeting.  To approve a […]

Community Liaison for the Route 35 Project

Here is the email and phone number for the Community Liaison associated with the Route 35 road work.  If you have any damage to your property or questions about the project, please take note: email: Restore.NJ35@dot.state.nj.us phone #: (732) 230-7356 If you get voicemail, leave a message.  You will probably speak to Jamie or Jeff. […]

A New Look for the Clubhouse

A little elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint by our Maintenance Department leaves our Clubhouse looking shiny and new!  Thanks Bill, Curtiss, Janet and Emilee for your hard work!     

Easy-Access Walkways are Completed!

We have new easy-access walkways at #3 and #7.  Take a look at our new mobi-mats to make getting to the beach easier than ever!       

The Boat Basin in Now Open for the 2015 Season!

The boat basin is open for the 2015 season!  We have new pilings, cables and have repaired the ramp.  We have also re-mapped the slips to make them a bit larger, with easier access. The details: The 2015 season will run from June through September, closing PROMPTLY on October 1st for the next step of […]

Striping on Bay View Drive

Thank you for being patient as we get Bay View Drive ready for the season!  

Have you noticed….?

This year, our Board of Trustees wants nothing more than to keep our community moving forward.  We are working hard to get our community ready for the 2015 summer season!  We spent 2 days cleaning up the grounds with some wonderful neighbors, our maintenance and roads crews are working to repair/paint all our fences, roads […]

Grounds Committee Reminder: Signs

Just a reminder that ALL signs of any size shape and/or origin are a violation of our deed restrictions: The use of any type, or kind of sign, whatsoever on any part of the property is not permitted without written permission of Ocean Beach Inc. Thank you.  

1956 OBIII Annual Organization Meeting

Held at Citta’s Old Time Tavern, Toms River circa 1956   Want to have your #tbt pictures posted?  Please email them to info@oceanbeach3.org.  Let’s see how many memories we can post before opening day!  

Membership Meeting Transcript Posted

The transcript for our Fall Membership Meeting held on October 25, 2014 are posted on our Downloadable Documents page.  You can find them under the heading “Meeting Minutes”. Thank you.  

Good News! Update to Rule #35 A2

Rule #35 A2 -You may enclose the bottom of houses built on piles, wood or block to create storage space only. -If the bottom of a home is to be enclosed windows are not permitted and flood vents are required on each wall. – This area may not be climate controlled or have access from […]

Helpful Information from the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

As a public service to the Club we would like to provide you with information from the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regarding home improvement contractors.  The web site is www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/HIC There is a hotline provided in this information as well as other requirements.  We have cross-posted this information on our Building Information and […]

Can We Talk Trash?!

Here’s the 2015 Garbage/Recycling Schedule!  Copies are also available in the Business Office. 2015 Garbage-Recycling Schedule  

FULL Audit Report

Homeowners can obtain a copy of the FULL Audit Report at the Business Office. In order to fulfill you request, please note the following requirements: -Request must be in writing. Direct all requests to info@oceanbeach3.org -A $15.00 fee will be charged for all requests. -A Confidentiality Agreement must be signed at the time of pick […]

OB 3 Procedures & Polices for Requesting Club Documents

Ocean Beach & Bay Club Policies & Procedures to Request and Obtain Club Documents M​ember​s of Ocean Beach Unit III, in good standing, so seeking records,​ must ​provide a written communication to the Club. Inclusive of this request, will be the specific documents requested. The Club will require ten (10) business days to accommodate all […]

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